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Hi Budum. = )
My name is Diana.
I'm fourteen years old, but I usually get along with the older group much better.
I'm vegetarian, and an animal lover. <3
I'm also a boy lover. : D
And in case you can't tell, a James lover. (It's almost sad to say that he's hotter than Edward. But I'm fine with it.)
Twilight (the movie) comes out November 28, 2008 and I can't wait.
I'm full of useless random facts.
I love my friends and the fact that we're so crazy together it scares people.
Mr. Strawberry Fields if my idol forever. (And he resembles James way too much)
I listen to lots of music, it's whatever, I'm not genre-specific.
I'm a virtually simple person.
I love manga, but I love vampire books more, but Twilight is the best, but James is better.
I love guys with long hair, blond is best (blond, dirty blond, same thing). smile

I also like rainbow : 3

Hi! Now YOU say something!

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Altalatta Report | 03/11/2009 2:49 pm
hey there...
RyKykuu Report | 01/10/2009 10:05 pm
welcome lol
RyKykuu Report | 01/08/2009 6:42 pm
DELETE MY OLD ACCOUNT "Master_kasehku"
A hacker went into my account and is asking my friends for their passwords!
captamzai Report | 12/21/2008 2:42 am
Hellow wink
Nanbaka Report | 12/11/2008 7:26 pm
I personally hated Twilight, but I only went to see the super sexy james.
Adiriel Report | 11/03/2008 4:24 pm
They do me. I am glad you noticed.
Master_Kasehku Report | 10/28/2008 6:44 pm
rofl awee okay well its good to let master know how things are going and such (:
Master_Kasehku Report | 10/27/2008 4:11 pm
Lol thats a bit weird x_x... shouldnt it be more of soemthing on the lines of "hey sweetie nice job wants some help? (;" o-o. dude not "keep up the good work" D:!
Master_Kasehku Report | 10/26/2008 1:51 pm
Lol great to hear and yeh i sorta did try to warn u ): sorry i didnt do it better, and thats really good i have a fitness trainer to xD
Master_Kasehku Report | 10/26/2008 12:43 pm
How are yu doing me slave? (:

The hottest (thing?) this world has ever seen and he's in my signature!! <3

pics in journal bby ; )

(>'_')># I was going to give you this waffle.
#<('_'< ) But then I was like.
(>'#'< ) I'm hungry.
(>'-'< ) So I ate it.

(>^-^< )



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forgetmenot teardrop
forgetmenot teardrop
The Raisin.

Hay una fiesta en mis pantalones, y tu invitido!!!

This is the section of my profile where I'm going to put avatars that I like. I'll be changing it pretty much constantly, but if you want me to put you in here, pm me and I'll see if I like your avi (I'm not really picky...).