About me well hmmm.....I guess I should start off with my name, Ever smile . I'm currently 17 and pretty tall, 5,11. I'm white, have black hair and have a picture of me on my profile biggrin I love my family even though they are a pain in my a**, I love all of my friends :3, I LOVE to play video games, ima nerd i know haha, my favorite games are L4D 1 and 2, Skyrim, Dead Island, Sims, Silent Hill (All) and much more. My gamer tag is my username, (not very hard XD) i love reading, writing, Rping, chilling with my friends, and being outside. Nature calms me. I don't like people who are bullies, treat people wrongly because of their skin color, ethnicity, and what makes a person different, I'm generally a very happy person but if my make me angry be ready. I don't like ignorant people. Mmmm I've pretty much ran out of more things to say but ill probably add more later Lawl. so ya if you want to know more information about me just PM me or add my on Live. 4laugh