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~My Music/Life~

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~My Book(un-named)~

(first 3 paragraphs)
Love. Thats what made her who she is, but who she will be will be determined by something else. Something much stronger and deeper than love. And as she sits there beside the person she knows and wants and they laugh together they see in eachothers eyes the hope. The hope of something more than what they have, of what they'll become. She's beautiful. He's beautiful. Both in their own way and they can see through eachother's souls and to what's inside their hearts. But as they stare at eachother they wonder what happens next? Her eyes shine like the stars in the night sky, his like the sparkling black water that they reflect upon. They know what they want but how to get it is the knowledge they seek. And sitting there alone hearing the crashing of the waves she starts to cry as he hands her a rose and grabs her softly to kiss her gently on the cheek. She looks out into the ocean and starts to walk slowley to the shore, and as he follows her he grabs her hand and stands beside her where he will stay forever. But theres a part of her that’s been kept a secret from him, a part of her that no one knows. As she looks at him with wide innocent eyes she knows that she will tell him someday but not now. This wasn’t the time. She would tell him when it became necessary. But until that day came she would plan to never tell him, she couldn’t. She was a troubled soul. Never told she was good enough, never told she was beautiful. She was all alone in the world. No one got her sense of style, her personality, no one got HER. How she acted made her who she was. And she would change for no one. She moved to California as fast as she could, it was an important decision but she had to do it for her safety. She didn’t like the constant change in weather but if it meant being able to live a deacent life away from her greatest fears she would have to adjust. After half a year of living in California she met someone. Someone who would change her perspective of life. He was the first and only person ever in her life to make her feel good about who she was. He was the most amazing man she had ever met. At night they would go down to the beaches even when it was 40 degrees and just sit there for hours talking. And she would lay in his arms and he would slowly rock her back and forth creating the image of her in a boat free away from anyone and anything and swaying on the ocean looking up at the stars with the man she loved and trusted with her heart. He knew that this image was her dream, and he wanted what was best for her. But they couldn’t afford a boat to live on. So it would stay a dream, and hope. They eventually could afford a little house on the beach, secluded from people, Just the way she liked it. He always told her how he would stay by her side forever, and how she was sacred in his heart. She believed him. She went for a walk on the beach shore alone which she rarely did. She hated being away from her him but sometimes she needed her privacy just to think. She would think about her past and her family but she didn’t like to because it brought up bad and painful memories. Occasionally when she did go out and didn’t come back for a while he would find her by one rock, always the same rock, crying. He hated to see her cry but he couldn’t help but see something in her soul and eyes when she cried. She cried with a passion like she had a reason to cry. He didn’t know her past at all but he could tell there was a mystery to it. When these rare occasions happened she would cry for hours and he would hold her until she stopped, she would not speak one word until she stopped crying then she would look up to see him there perfectly positioned with her in his arms to feel the heat generating from his body and kiss him passionately until he gently squeezed her arms and pushed her away and shed whisper in his ear breathing heavily, “My heart, is with you forever.” And he would reply with a kiss on the nose and he would say slow and soft, “I know, and I will keep it protected.”


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Alexis' thoughts ^.^

hey guys, Im writing a book right now so ideas are gr8!


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-We'll let our heartbeat guide us through the dark <3


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Xx_lula bug_xX Report | 08/19/2009 8:51 pm
Xx_lula bug_xX
evesdarkwings Report | 07/25/2009 11:26 am
lolz thats a great idea!but then it remind me i dont want school to start!i love sleepin in!
evesdarkwings Report | 07/24/2009 11:33 am
i kno!how far have you gotten in the book?
applebob77 Report | 07/09/2009 8:51 am
omg it's been such a long time since i last signed onto gaia!!! i miss u so much! after you get back from tahoe/mexico, we need to get together (u, me, alanna, etc.) and go shopping or something!!! XD
evesdarkwings Report | 07/04/2009 8:56 am
well my favorite part when bella hits jacob in the face XXD but twlight was very good and eclipes bored me but breakin dawn....breakin dawn......it was just WOW
evesdarkwings Report | 06/26/2009 1:36 pm
oh yeah i love it when she tries to hit him...but the wrong person.....^.^well my favorite one out of the series is new moon
evesdarkwings Report | 06/19/2009 5:21 pm
i understand my friend i understand
evesdarkwings Report | 06/17/2009 9:53 am
dude i hate jacob too!!!! he me mad in 3rd one and made me hate him even more in breaking dawn!!
evesdarkwings Report | 06/12/2009 3:38 pm
heehee i kno they wouldnt be the same if they werent!!!!!thank u and i like ur profile too and love the icon bout pushin jacob off a cliff
evesdarkwings Report | 06/06/2009 9:00 am
hehehehee! hhmmmm i wonder why.....
Sweet cuddlemuffin

My bff's who rok, i miss u guys so much... ^.^