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Last Login: 11/01/2010 3:29 pm

Birthday: 07/20

A message for my dear sweet hacker <3

Your not ******** fooling anyone i saw my trades . I suspect it is someone but if i tel them, they are going to get mad. Soo... STAY THE ******** AWAY. Got it? Youve messed with me multiple times and this is the end of it. So go away , fall in a mud hole, and get fvcked my chipmunks because i dont give a ********. Have a good day (:

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Hey (:
Name - Gay Jackass
Age - 10
Best]] Friends-
my butt
(Known Commonly as Ashley)
Type of music i listen to-
(Mostly Alternative and Punk pop)
(Vocals more sweeter and acoustic)
A little Hip hop && R&B

Some Facts you can stalk me with:
Im gay
Im fat for my age.
(Out for you to laugh at, BRO)
But seriously I am fat for my age
I hate it when someone calls me pretty sexy
(Especially you , MS.YOUNG)
I like my teacher because im horny i think he could be Too sexy
I make profiles for my v****a.(PM me)
I update my d**k very often
Im pretty d**k like (Especially with Art taht have holes)
But alot of times I can be a clean freak.
Been on gaia for s**t years.( Hacked D: )
I can be horny at times. (or all the time)
Im an idiotic retard. who likes sex
Im a bit preppy, but the real preps ARE effing annoying.
I hate steamed carrots
Im way beyond drawing awesome.
I sometimes share my password to whom i trust.
I don't care if you hate me.
If you do..
Then FUH-Q.
Hope you enjoyed me typing about me.
BTW you smell like butt.

Btw i got my account back and
that about me was written by
dumb hacker. OH! and im not
changing it because... Idk. x)