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A little about me

I like to play video games, and write poetry sometimes. I occasionally flood the word games forum with a lot of posts, then vanish for a long time. Most people call me Ree or FNRR. I'm okay with most people, but I don't generally open up to many. I like pepsi and coca-cola. Wanna know more stuff? Talk to me! Wait, where are you going? Oh... okay, bye...

Letting go

That moment in suspension-
The one that breaks the tension-
That shatters all that’s left behind
Leaves nothing left for me to find

Clutching at the threads
On slowly cooling beds
Where once we dreamt of future days
Before we knew that we’d part ways

These memories mean more to me
Than idle, drifting fantasy
And through it all I know
The pain of letting go.

I wish that I had spoken more
In conversations past
I know these things are flawed at core –
The cycle cannot last.

Now I sit alone and wonder
At the clock upon the wall
Though my world is torn asunder
The second hand still falls.

I can barely comprehend
Through this endless aching flow
That the chapter’s at an end
It’s time to let it go.

So I close my eyes and put away
These thoughts of yesterday
Despite the many tears I’ve cried
Look forward to the brighter side

I know that every sorrow
Prepares me for tomorrow
Since in the end, strife
Is part of life.

And though sometimes I’ll miss you
And sometimes I’ll need a tissue,
New things will fill the void and so
I’m finally letting go.

Arrhythmic poem

You danced in circles around in my head
And you took me home and you led me to bed
But you left in a hurry and you never said
All the things I imagined you would

You let go, and we fall apart
So go slow, you are breaking my heart
And I know these things don’t always last
But I hope we go back to the past

And I woke in the morning to the bright sunlight
Those rays were shining just a little too bright
And I guess I’ll never have another night
Like the one you gave me before you left my life

We let go, and we reach the end
But go slow, for we have just began
even though it’s no more than just friends
yet here we go, and we begin again

I walked outside and I opened my eyes
And I saw the world for the very first time
And I don't feel better and I don’t want to try
To live live in a world where there's no you and I

Here we go, we begin again
Even though there was a bitter end
And I know it doesn’t make much sense
But I hope that you will let me in


When your world is shattered and you sink into despair
I will be beside you to let you know I'm there
I'll tell you how you're never really, truly all alone
And then we'll stand again and bravely face the great unknown.
101 people who love you to death
But no single one can quite steal your breath
and then you meet the one just for you
the one who makes your heart sing true
they ignore you plainly and pass you by
appraising the crowd with a critical eye
I can tell you now one of the facts of life:
Irony cuts like a knife.
Just beyond the trees I see
An image that appeals to me
In the cold and misty night
the silver lake reflects moonlight
A work of art that has no name
A mirror that I cannot frame
As I see it, it would seem
the spectacle is like a dream
My eyes, once dark in the night
Now reflect a speck of silver light.

Eyes (A more abstract poem)

Saying more than spoken word
No clearer meaning ever heard
Alight with wonder
Wide with fear
Sorrow brings with it a tear
Reflecting thunder
Sometimes joy
Batting lashes, feeling coy
Drowning in a deeper blue
Than any sea we ever knew
Awash with bright and charming green
A blooming forest yet unseen
Hazel, Silver, Copper, Gold
Each a story to be told
Keep them open wide and clear
Let them show your hope and fear
And until you lose your earthly ties
Know the value of your eyes.

A longer poem

I was once a soldier; I stood for many things.
I was a one-man army; my rivals all were kings!
In battle I was a madman, with my enemies falling like stones;
At each war’s conclusion the field was strewn with bones.
But I did have a weakness and it made me fear the day
When my enemies would learn it, and with me do away.
That weakness was my truest love, my lovely Caroline
And all across the land there was no maiden quite so fine.
But my dearest love was a secret; Her place in my heart was deep.
And I thought of her each night before I lay me down to sleep.
I hid her away in a far-off town, way out across the sea;
And though we were so far apart she felt quite close to me.
I had thought my love was a secret, and my love had thought so too;
But one day a mighty wooden ship came sailing across the blue.
And locked away in the galley, bound by chains and rope
Was the captured maiden Caroline, and with I her only hope.
My heart beat faster with terror, for I saw the captain then:
And grouped up all around her he had his finest men.
He barked an order to them and then he did face me
And said if I didn’t pay him he’d dump her into the sea.
Well I did know a thing or two about this evil crew;
It was assembled of only the finest rogues, and they numbered quite a few.
Well, I readied myself for battle, for I hadn’t the money to pay
And it is with solemn pride that I do remember that day
For it was the day that I fought those scoundrels aboard that wooden craft;
And I slew them all for their heinous crimes, everyone from fore to aft;
But this story has a happy end, for on that day you see
My lovely maiden Caroline did finally return to me.

Another long poem

My soul is as black as the midnight sky
It grows blacker and blacker with every new lie
It wont let me free and it stifles each cry
The evil in me refuses to die

It knows what I want and it knows what I need
Together we work and together we feed
It devours my soul, my emotions they bleed
My heart breaks again with each wicked deed

What do you do when the monster is you?
And it constantly threatens to tear you in two?
My spirit's in tatters and each day I rue
The fact that I pay this foul creature its due!

More poetry

On cold and dark and starry nights
Away from all the city lights
I softly wonder in the grass
and watch the eons slowly pass

A million distant lonely spheres
outlive us by ten thousand years
Like time itself they slowly turn
Without a worry or concern.

Somewhere across the gap of space
some distant, quiet, lonely place
In someplace I may never see
I know you're watching over me.

Art from people.

Thank you to Bentali!
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alltheselights Report | 08/03/2017 7:17 pm
I just logged onto this thing after a million years and wanted to say hi and see how youre doing! I was honestly amazed this website still functions haha. Hows life treating ya? X
alltheselights Report | 07/07/2017 1:47 am
hello this is me being the ultimate creep and saying hiiiii ok bye
Nano Paladin Report | 04/03/2017 9:42 pm
Nano Paladin
That game is pretty great!
Nano Paladin Report | 03/27/2017 11:29 pm
Nano Paladin
Nano Paladin Report | 03/21/2017 3:11 am
Nano Paladin
I have many ideas and plans for games!
Nano Paladin Report | 03/18/2017 12:49 am
Nano Paladin
Video game design! Lol
Nano Paladin Report | 03/17/2017 11:03 pm
Nano Paladin
Well im a week from graduation!
Nano Paladin Report | 03/17/2017 12:25 pm
Nano Paladin
Ayyy, whats up?
Fio Germi Report | 03/06/2017 4:06 pm
Fio Germi
Such a cute Avi blaugh
a little hummingbird Report | 12/23/2016 10:23 am
a little hummingbird