Foolishbox: Easily amused, Quiet, Timid, A lurker, Not easily angered, A procrastinator.

    Likes: Anime, Manga, Doodling, Sweets, Earl Grey Tea, Office Supplies, Food, Birds, Relaxed music, Aquatic critters, friends.

    Dislikes: Misunderstandings, Mornings, Paper cuts, Milk , Hot Temperatures, Eggplants, Being Rushed, Bothersome situations.

    On Gaia: Word Games forum, Hoarding items, Towns, Holiday events.


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-♫- Notes

This journal began as a record of the events held here on Gaia. Eventually it became a place to display images I've wanted to keep as a memory.



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Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 03/12/2018 2:09 pm

Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

It was a lot of fun and did lift my spirits. God a speeding ticket for the first time in years tho xD Town I was going through I'd never been too so kinda sucks but I just called and payed it today

Still going to the con in Indy with my ex because she and I still wanna be friends so hopefully it isn't too awkward or anything. I think it'll still be fun.

I have family in Texas but haven't been there in forever but went to the ocean there before and loved it whee

Hope its warming up there for you ;_; we got some snow this morning but it all melted because its just over freezing here. Most days. So it melts fast.
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 03/10/2018 3:15 pm

Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

crying You are always the sweetest person ever. emotion_hug

Just been going through a lot the last week or so. Going to see a Sailor Moon musical tomorrow so hopefully its a nice little vacation day. I need it.

Have you been doing okay?
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 11/28/2017 9:17 pm

Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

We got it xd

Somehow its kinda weird


I'm sick and can't sleeppppppp ;_;
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 11/27/2017 7:40 pm

Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

yeah that happens and I'm not always the best at keeping in touch but I still consider you a good friend

And she's a great girl. :3 Gonna make it work and crazy we met through word game. lol
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 11/26/2017 9:04 pm

Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

I did. I went over the weekend and met someone I'm with now from Word Games too. <3 And it went super well so I've been very much in good moods haha

Prob gonna send her a marriage request if that is okay sweatdrop Since we are actually together irl now
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

Report | 11/24/2017 10:15 am

Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

hey how have you been? :3

Report | 11/16/2017 10:12 pm


I'm doing my best to be happy > w< <3 we're all growing up hehe.

Report | 11/15/2017 1:44 pm


gaia_nitemareleft Thank you for purchasing!! cat_4laugh gaia_nitemareright

Report | 11/10/2017 11:20 pm


i wuv you mama ;-; miss ya and hope you're okay too heart
Mini Roar

Report | 11/07/2017 5:57 am

Mini Roar

Okay, thank you. I'm on discord when I can be but my notifs never work so I never know when i get a message