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It's kind of obvious I love to write lol, have an interest in this and read it all. If you have time to waste, because I have all the time to waste. I'm 17 years old, and I pretty much figured out who I am as a person. There are many things about me that are quite unexplainable. You can tell me what type of person I am, but will never truly understand who I am. I like expressing my opinions on everything, and learning new perspectives on life.

I want to be a chef or an Anthropologist; the very two that have been a dream of mine. Actually the very first thing I wanted to do was be a bus driver, haha literally. I never understood things as a child, curiosity and adventure have always followed.

I like to do a lot of things in my spare time, like Read a book, watch a movie, hang with friends, draw, play Pokemon; I'm a Pokemon freak. But there is something I absolutely love to do, and that is write. I write about everything that has happened in my life in Journals. It helps me look back on my life, how much I've grown, how much I've matured over the years.

My favorite shows are The Office, Star Trek, That's 70's show, and Demetri Martin. I rarely watch T.V, but I usually bu seasons on DVD. I listen to Indie, Alternative, Classical, and Classic Rock. I mainly go along with mellow sounds. I enjoy Foo Fighters, The Shins, Death cab, and my all time favorite, Coldplay <3 I also played video games all my life. I like playing war games, rpg's, racing, shooting and strategy on the ps3. Best system ever btw smile . PSN is TrashCompactor, add me if you'd like.

I'm a very nice person, shy, but nice overall. I like making new friends, it makes me have a sense of diversity because I'm not use to change. I have had friends ever since I was 4 years old, and never really had a chance to make new one's. A lot are just acquaintances I see on a day to day basis at school. My friends look up to me, they feel like they can learn things from me. I educate them, as well as teach them about things. I support them all the way, and I will.

I like so many things. Ask me anything, I'll listen and tell you straight forward. So what are you waiting for gaians, pm me ho yeah lol.