Name: Fondue

Age: 20 in human years

Gender: male

Race: rabbit demon

Height: 5'8''

Build: average but well-defined

Weaponry: hands, feet, elbows, knees, throwing shards

Home: The Forbidden Forest, Gaia

Personality: however I want him to be, due to my own personal feelings on the matter; IMPORTANT - he's very jealous of Anurla's determination to get Gimpi back, wishing that his master would just go back to paying attention to him and him being the incubus' number one slave

Backstory: one of Anurla's first victims, his most trusted slave and de facto 'second in command'; joins in when Anurla 'claims' his newest victim Gimpi; follows Anurla when he chases after Gimpi and lays siege to the Ster Academy, also takes part in the battle, killing and enslaving several Ster Academy teachers and non-children students; also goes with his master when he travels through time to chase after Gimpi; ends up in the Feudal Era of Japan on the planet Earth; stays by his master's side as Anurla takes over a nearby forest