Ok, let's make this simple and short, for the humans in the world. I'm nothing much, have nightmares about people being murdered or raped. Oh oh oh and plus my split personality doesn't help me out on the matters. I put on a face so no one care care what truly goes through my head annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddd i know that people don't care about me.
I enjoy hanging out with my friends.... well sorta.... ok sometimes i swear ^_^'. There's a few people i enjoy hanging out with (not naming). I'm always covered in black, and i manage to ignore my physical pain. I just need to imune the emotional pain, once that is done... i won't have to worry about life because i know no one cares about me.
Oh i'm also a juggalette, i love insane clown posse, i know i know it doesnt show on my profile.

Ok now i'm starting to see a new turn in life, i've been in the darkness for to long now from my family, but someone really nice and caring shown my that the world is a beautiful, of course he was self conscious about somethings, but i shown that you can't judge yourself and try to live life to the fullest. He really is a sweet guy and i hope he won't leave me....
I also am a super hero, i am *dramatic music* hyper b***h! Where there is lonliness, i am there to stop it. Where ever there is boredom, i am there to make it a party, And, where ever there is sex and drugs, SEEEE YYYYAAAAA!!!

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my journal. *meows* enjoy ^_^

chi's journal and i love it

this is my journal. I write in it, if i am sad or mad or any other emotions



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I am...

I am an empty shell of pain and suffering.

I awonder what can keep me going in life.

I hear a little girl crying in my head.

I want the little girl to stop crying and be safe in somone's arms.

I am an empty shell of pain and suffering

I pretend to smile and laugh.

I feel a depression that will never leave.

I touch friends that will turn cold soon.

I worry if my hands will turn cold next.

I cry seeing the people I love leave this world.

I am an empty shell of pain and suffering.

I understand what my life will go through.

I say that i'm fine, but do I mean it.

I dream of a happiness of the future that won't come true.

I try hard not to see the nightmares in my life.

I hope that the life i get ot good but,

I am an empty shell of pain and suffering.

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Preach/ Pervert

Blackened blood that stains this bed

My sweet addiction i the wed

You will work

I will win

I will drink all your sin

Till gallon drunk I hit the ground

Your reason rhymes will pence & pound

Money make morality

Your dividends

My decency

You cheapest cut is sweet corrosion

The interest due is never frozen

Pass the bill

Have your thrill

There's a pill for all your ills

You will condemn

I'll convert

You will preach

I will pervert

Lay on your face

And beg

That mercy of god

Will come upon you

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your enemy stabs you in the back.
Your friend stabs you in the front.
Your x-boyfriend/girlfriend stabs you in the heart.
But me,
real friend
Carries a knife.
To stab them.
Right back.

send this to all of your real friends

.....and ICP is freaking awsome


People get so involved with your life, why can't they get their own?