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Akiko Says:
hey was up....well first of all imma filijap. so dat means i'm half japanese and half filipino. i hate peoplez who break others peoplz hearts!! don't add meeh unless youh know meeh. kk. i luv sushi, anime, and people!!!hehehe... i hope youh all know that i hate naruto...of course shelley knows dat!! i could be emo, ghetto, hyphy, sk8ter, or anything else...so yea youh have to really have to get to kno me before ur goin to be mii fren. i just adore vans!! i do hula basketball tae kwon do, swimming, clairinet(however youh spell dat), and way much more..i luv bulbasaur!!! he's da best!! never send meeh a PM if i don't kno youh!!....i'm bored rite now so imma sleep and finish dis later..kk... i'm back to finish this!!!!! mii 2 bes frens in da whole intire world are riku aka shell and risa aka sey. and of course meeh i'm miyako but they call meeh akiko but don't call meeh that. and all of us make the AMBEGTAPANGEZ!!!! yea we kno we are awesome!!! if youh ever ever ever ever ever wanna mess wit them then youh gotta go through meeh first!!! and youh don't wanna mess wit meeh cause they go mii back 2. we are frens 4 life!! well now i have nothing to talk about o well. i have a dog named lucky. she is so cute and adorable. i just wanna eat her. i miss risa and riku. where are they wen i need dem. i have lots of frens here are some frrom hula: jeselin, janelle, maranda, sheryl, and of course stacy(however youh spell it). yup dat meeh!!! i'm goin to sleep now. kk so i'll finish dis later.. well i back wit some changes on mii profile... check out mii multimedia... look at it and listen to the song.... it really reminds meeh of this gurl.... i kno her very well.... lets just say meeh and her have a connection... we are really good frens.... i'm pretty sure risa and riku know her.... she likes a guy... but is afaird to him.... they were very good frens.... so on the second to the last day of skool... she told him that she likes him... well everything went wrong... cause he didn't like her back... so that ruined their frenship.. then she became miserable... and started thinking bad things about herself... oneday she told meeh all those bad things.... the worse thing she said about herself was that she was like sakura.... but i really didn't do anything... but thanks to risa and riku... she is all better now... cause she knows there is alot of people in this world her really care about her. especially risa and riku... she told meeh to say thank youh to youh guys... so um thks for everything...i'll talk more later...hhaha i'm back ....again!!! wow i witnessed it... yep i witnessed inuyasha and kagome's kiss.... it was so perfect... imma big fan of inu yasha..... not much of a naruto fan... in fact i really hate it.... but i just like to know the characters.... i love sailor moon...!!!!! mite sound geeky though... o well idc!!!!! i also luv dragon ball z!!!! awesomeness(however dats spelt!!) yea youh mite think i'm crazy and i talk alot.... yea it's true... cause look at all this...i'm talkin too much!!! yea and i am crrazy!!! don't youh hate plz who talk about youh behind ur back...i think youh know who i'm talking bout....ahem....cough....kristine....ahem....cough.... omfg...i think somethings stuck in mii throat... o wait it's just a thought of kristine....haha!!!! i'll talk more later again!!!!wow.. did youh ever notice how every girls profile is about that one guy... and that guy never gets a clue that she's talkin bout him.. well yea i have mii guy... bhut you'll probably never guess who it is... yea i kno so romantic... i wonder if that guy know i'm talkin abbout him..hahaha i hope noot... did youh notice all those pics of sasusaku.. well those pics remind meeh of that one guy...i'm back and i'm like a whole new person... well if ur reading this and ur one of mii frens well the reason i was all emo was that yesterday i just relized that it had been fourty days since mii grandma has been gone. thats the longest time i've been away from mii grandma. youh know wat else i relized... there is never a happy ending... those r all fake... and dreams never come true....a dream is just a word... so just forget about it!! srry if this is getting youh all sad and mad bout meeh... well srry.. just expessing mii feelings here!! mii bad... if this is disturbing youh... don't read it.. well back to the subject... fairytales are fairytales.. they are never real... and there is no such thing as a happy story or a happy ending!!! AAAHHHH!!!! damn it!!!ok so i feel so depressed i decided i shud write a poem... hope youh like it:
i cry alot,
just for you.
you stole mii tears.
i pretend that i'm ok,
i pretend that theirs nothing wrong,
i pretend to laugh,
and i pretend that ur not hurting me.
but on the inside.. i'm screamin mii lungs out
i'm crying on the inside
i'm rippin mii self apart!
i can't take it.
it was because of you.
but thanks for the memories.. i had fun..
you think i'm annoying... you think i'm just dirt.
i wish youh wud see the other side of meeh
the inside part of me.
someday you'll find someone.. better than meeh.
i just hope ur happy.
if ur not youh make meeh cry.
i promise i won't cry on the outside..i'll cry behind mii brown eyes......

yea i know really crapy...kk i made it in like 2 minutes... so i really didn't care how it sounds...and it's late at nite.... it's freakin 11:30!!!late!!!hehehe talk more later...sleep now..okay so i'm back. youh kno dat guy i talked about well he's just a memory washed away now. he didn't care he never did. so i'm not caring anymore!! i made a new poem. and i will also do it in two minutes...
youre not part of my life anymore
youre gone like a picture that's been washed up on the shore
youre a memory that's been erased,
youre a person who was in a race
who crossed the white lace.
instead youh crossed my mind and never came back.
youh won your arrogance and your selfishness.
youh will never be my hero again!!

i kno crappy again.. i'm srry i can't do poems while doin homework at the same time!! weel gotta go finish it!!!

Risa Says:
well, weve nown each other like 4ever!...ok...jus from pre-k...but thas still long tho...rite!?! ana..or as me nd tenshi riku call her...akiko...is the bestest fren out of all the bestest frens! she wont stab u nd ur frens' backs ! o yea! how culd i ferget! THE AMBEGTAPANGEZ'! tenshi riku, akiko, nd me r the amgbetapangez! we stic 2gether! nd no1 can rip us apart! im talkin super glue here!...haha! ana usually goes 2 my house almost evry friday!!! we always hav so much fun! ana...remember our inside jokes! HOT SAUCE! nd all those other 1s! well, i kno ana's a punk rock! blah blah blah blah blah!!!! i dont kno wat 2 talk about!...well, thas all 4 now! c ya latr ana!*-*

Riku Says:
hello! meh tenshi riku!!! and i part of the ambegtapangez. i draw the portraits of us. it takes a LOT of time
there. i'm also a NARUTARD. xd
i also love jpop. my favorite artist is utada hikaru and my favorite song of hers is "first love" it's nice. also... the people in the ambegtapangez are akiko(but lots of the time i call her kiko), risa, and me! we're really close. kiko is soooo strong! i wuv her and all of my friends. she is really cool too. i'm proud to be her friend. she is also very commited. but you know, we all need someone to lean on. and the ambegtapangez knows exactly what that means! i wuv complementing my friends. which, i do. the only
problem is that i wish i knew how to make them feel even greater!not to make them self centered, but you know... i just want to let them know that i really appriciate them. THANX SO MUCH, GUYS!
~tenshi riku~

Nicole Says:
"Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it."
dont like that person for their looks, what they do, what they did, or what they say. only for who they are. you can't change people, but if you're the kind of person who wants to change to fit in or have someone. man, you're not worth it. sorry to say this, but dude, you can't always have your way. doesnt matter if you're rich, popular, most atheltic, or the smartest in class. it doesnt make you the best. you gotta earn your way up, earn your trust, earn friendships, earn loves. dont rush into things that you're forced into or peered presurred. things get harder and harder if u try to avoid trouble. even though you think it works, more guilt and trouble builds up. ya, people lose their friends. but you know you can make more. learn to let go, dont hold grudges. start with new beginnings and dont think about the end. follow up your best, not your worst. this girl loves a joke and her friends. you can't change that. it's not that she doesn't deserve a guy, guys just don't deserve her. keep her head up, you'll get some love in return. plus a whole lot of laughs and smiles. loving the times and still living in memories, she can treasure a great time. with every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, she grows in laughter, kindness, and will be that wild girl who everone loves. don't mess with her, she has friends. don't mess with her friends, she has moves. both in tae kwon doe, hula, and sports. missing love of a certain boy, she goes day by day in a rollercoaster of emotions.

just remember one thing: treasure everything you have.

Much Love,


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i kno i dont kno you and all but I CANT BELIEVE YOU DONT LIKE NARUTO

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