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Aisuru koto Report | 10/13/2015 11:49 pm
Aisuru koto
biggrin sweatdrop eek lol rofl wahmbulance
Yuki_chan1688s Report | 04/26/2014 4:20 am
Happy birthday fluffy gaia_kittenstar
shikahroo Report | 04/02/2014 3:35 am
lol your welcome XD
King of Revelations Report | 01/20/2014 2:16 pm
King of Revelations
King of Revelations Report | 01/19/2014 9:12 pm
King of Revelations
f-finn..? is that y-you? o.o
Over le Seas Report | 01/17/2014 8:11 pm
Over le Seas
I can't lol like lol stop lol it now lol lol
Over le Seas Report | 01/17/2014 12:24 pm
Over le Seas
Over le Seas Report | 01/15/2014 2:13 pm
Over le Seas
Sucks for you i3i Can't you get it resent to your emial?
Over le Seas Report | 01/14/2014 7:47 pm
Over le Seas
What?! Someone was on your accoutn?! Were you hacked?!
Over le Seas Report | 01/12/2014 7:26 pm
Over le Seas
What kind of stuff emotion_kirakira


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Birthday: 04/27/1990

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hello im morgan and im currently 22 years old.
my hobbies are drawing, animating, writing and playing games such as rpg and multiplayer games.
i supose you could call me strange and wierd at times, i enjoy music used in film trailers, choir and instruments, i also enjoy jazz, classic and 70's-90's music
im also a huge Marvel fan, i've been collecting marvel comics since i was 4 and got around 170 small action figures that i collect.
im singel and currently not looking for any relationship as it usely tends to end in a bunch of drama.
my drawings and animations however havent been active for awhile now.. on march 20th i had problems with my throat wich have been cuasing me to choke on food for over a year now.. the fungus infection have probely been in my throat for atleast 14 months. hopefully ill get well within 2014 becues i truely love to eat and cook food for others.
im usely very social and friendly and i got youtube and facebook for those who are intrested in taking the friendship outside gaia aswell

my favorite animal: cats... meow! cat_3nodding
favorite food: fish/steak
favorite hobby: animating
favorite tv show: Doctor Who
favorite game of all time: Dragon Age: Origins (rpg) 10/10

until next time dear friends..Brofist! emotion_brofist

animations and fan videos edited/made by me





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