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Birthday: 04/16

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I am dreamy, peaceful, and young at heart.
Optimistic and caring, I tend to see the best in people.
I tend to be always smiling - and making others smile.

I am shy and intelligent... and a very hard worker.
I'm also funny, but many people don't see my funny side.
My subtle dry humor leaves my close friends in stitches.

Sometimes, I need time to yourself, preferring to think things through on my own. Other times, I enjoy interacting with others. Overall, I am likely a fairly outgoing person who occasionally opts for solitude. I likely need a balance of alone time and time with others in my life because I can become a little overwhelmed if I ignore the introverted side of myself.

Wanna be friends? PM me, if so~

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kaylamalece Report | 04/16/2010 4:49 pm
Happy bday!
xXxRainbowxXxChildxXx Report | 12/23/2009 7:12 pm
Oh. That's a shame ^^
Well we could do Yaoi if you want wink
Or I could help teach you how to do yuri ^^
xXxRainbowxXxChildxXx Report | 12/20/2009 7:53 pm
Anything, but mostly I like Yuri.
I don't particularly don't like doing Yaoi or BoyxGirl,
because I usually have to play the boy, and I don't have a p***s xD
xXxRainbowxXxChildxXx Report | 12/06/2009 6:54 am
I believe I sent out a message in a bottle in the Aquariums, asking if anyone likes to roleplay, and you commented on it. And then I think I added you as a friend? I believe that's what happened smile
kaylamalece Report | 11/27/2009 10:40 am
Ya I understand. Even Kelsey is gravitating away. Literally none of my friends like him except for a few of them.
kaylamalece Report | 11/26/2009 10:03 am
O. U really got mad huh. Im sorry
kaylamalece Report | 11/25/2009 9:09 am
sad I soooo miss u
kaylamalece Report | 11/24/2009 12:05 pm
Hola! Ive missed u at lunch... I feel so lonely with just josh and conner. sad
Fay_Kasanna_drow Report | 09/11/2009 11:56 am
im scared of windows too but more in general xD. basically just a window in a house is NOT my friend xD or first place to be next to lol
breakfastcatsrot Report | 07/27/2009 9:03 pm
haha thanks

the bloody truth, mkay?

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