Hello, my name is Alison.

I love everything, but abortion!

Unless, you're raped. Then, it's not as bad as though you did that for fun.

I live in a foster home. My real mom died in a car crash, and my dad was shot a month ago(April 2, 2007).

His friend's gun went off...

I have one beautiful little sister, Janie, pretty much my whole world! She's so, so sweet! I love her so! She can sometimes be a little bit of a brat, but that's just fine. I wouldn't have loved her any other way! I'm glad my foster parent's took us both in!

My foster parents are wonderful! They even let me choose my own room and decorate it! I don't know what I would do without them! I'm so thankful!

They let me keep my pet cat! I was so, so scared the wouldn't let me keep her!

I want to thank my very good friend, Kiga, for introducing me to Gaia and helping me step by step! She's the best. She's such a sisterly figure! She's been kind to me, most people at school have been slightly mean. But they probably don't really mean it. She's always there to help me out of a bind!

I miss my mother, Mary, I keep a locket with her picture in it. It also has my sister and father! It's a family picture. I had been at camp when they took it, so I'm not in it. She's so beautiful!

I miss my father, Will, too. He was good to me, even in hard times! He was loving, kind, and did everything he possibly could! He was, and still is, so very dear to me.

My life is way, way too wonderful to me! I don't deserve the foster parents I was sent to.

I was so hateful during the first two weeks, because I missed my dad. I was so, so selfish. I was only thinking about how much I wanted him and momma, not haw kind they were being... even though they treated me in the same kind manner as when they first met me!

They tried so, so hard! I didn't even realise it, until I heard her crying the other night. I know it was so, so utterly wrong to listen in, but I did anyways.

She was crying and wishing she could do something more to make me happier here.

I was so, so ashamed of myself! I began to cry! I felt so, so bad! I made a vow right then and there to be nicer. I couldn't believe I had treated them so wrong!

The only thing I could think was, "I was such a selfish and spoiled baby! Why couldn't I have been more mature and grateful?! I was so, so mean, and yet... they still want to make me feel better?"

How could they ever forgive me???

See? I don't deserve them! Nor do I deserve Kiga, I was rotten to her as well, but she still tried to help me! I'm so glad all three of them stayed nice! I hope I will never, ever be that way again!

I love them so!

Now, I call them Auntie and Uncle. But they're not really related to me.

When I'm older, I'll be a nurse. I'll help people! I love the nurses at the hospital. They have so much responsibility and care for so many people! I want to be able to help people just like them!


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Hey Hey, Hello. Im not sure i know you but OMG COOL profile. Its very pretty. (very sad tho -hugs-) Anyway Pm me please lol byes!

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I'm great....and how have you been?

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the story behind teh video is Hinata fell in love with Naruto but he doesn't love her. Neji is her friend but he's fed up with how she cant get over Naruto, so "she's losing her only friend". And Sasuke loves her, but she doesn't love him back til hte end of the vid.

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Hey there...Just wanted to say that I love your profile and did I tell you how cute your avi is?.....CUTE!!

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICKELBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ItaXSakura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh! I am Ash, Kiga's frined! *Shakes the air infront of me* Nice to meet ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add me if you like! check out my porfile as well your's is heartyfied!!!!!!!!!! I have no Idea what the means.................................... I am forgetting somethin!!! OH! YAY 2nd COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3=3~ <- its Itachi (weasel)

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Hey, how are ya?