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Hi! talk to me and you will eventually find out about me heart


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Dark_Slytherin Report | 12/28/2020 1:47 pm
Yeah the temperture needed for that is crazy, but hey, it works it works. Not gonna complain.

Just the usual cosplay stuff.
One underwraps cosplay needs a lot of yarn work, however I don't really know how could I disinfect yarn without washing it, but its far from a complete state to even attempt a wash without destroying the whole thing so yeah. I think it'd unravel (is the term I think).
The other project I need to buy a few fabrics, problem is I can't go into the city to check out the various types and colors for which would work better or not. As well stay budget friendly.
So it's been all paused for now. I'm trying to figure out a schedule to handle it on days off somehow (the bits I can do). Since been mostly cleaning and doing other things when have time off work. lol
Given the holidays meant pulling out the season stuff, hanging it up. Cooking foods. etcetera. And then soon its pulling it all down and putting away again. So more delay there.

Have been considering getting into making a few props and selling online. Like basic katanas, shields and what nots.
Missing only maybe like some more wood and varnishes for that.
And maybe for it to be a bit warmer, its too cold to be in the toolshed. sweatdrop

Years maybe not even. But like you said, lots of practice. Just keep at it and you'll get better and better. My suggestion is never compare to others. Just do YOU.
If worried how weird look on photos, just do something more unique with each photo. Make a set up to make it more aesthetic to make the pop even more (note random suggestion, sicne the photo you showed me wasn't bad at all).

With avatar creation?; Not many that I can recall. I tried there too but was really heavy for a while on my pc/laptop. I can't even open it anymore on my laptop. Its that crazy. Haha.
So I'll just stick with Gaia as long can be here (either site goes offline or I go poof?).

Dark_Slytherin Report | 12/26/2020 2:13 pm
Yeah we gonna start tomorrow here vaccinations but I think its mostly front-liners first and then by call on?

Its more just just stress a bit on if catch or not the you know what whilst at work really. So I'm always in a disinfect frenzy basically. sweatdrop
Otherwise its just killing time depending on the shift on. Some days more movement, others less. Given holidays, a lot less since restrictions. Despite that still doesnt stop most people to checking in to have a fun moment or whatever. confused

I miss mostly is doing mini crafts myself during the time without clients. Have one major project that's been halted since its too troublesome to bring to work to just work on it one day and then it just gets basically quarantined for the rest of the week.

I haven't checked much image options since tiny closed now that think about it. But will say again, the pieces are lovely. Can't wait to see more. And wish all the success to you and your shop. heart

Yeah. Most people I know also left or moved to other venues. I still pop in to kill a little time and those that still here, despite how few they are as time passes. C'est la vie.
Dark_Slytherin Report | 12/26/2020 1:00 pm
Yeah, know what mean in regards to 202. Been a bummer for me as well. Got like nothing done from the usual before all this since always just working or cleaning and disinfecting. Bleh.

Aww thanks lovely.
oof. I've been working Xmas and New Years so I have that? lol

Could always just see them as unique pieces then. Does kinda give them more value that way I suppose.
However do understand the hard part on parting when the creation is awesome. blaugh

My mood with Gaia really varies. I can log in everyday (daily gifts hehe), yet if not quoted or messaged, I just fade out shortly after for the day. ninja
Dark_Slytherin Report | 12/26/2020 10:04 am
You spoil me. heart

How is the jewelry been going? Make and sell more pieces?

And obviously just jinxed myself since after posting that comment had a couple check in. xd
Dark_Slytherin Report | 12/26/2020 9:28 am
Happy Holidays again lovely. Here's also to a much better 2021 in comparison to this past year.

You didn't really need to gift again. I just wanted to give those to you.

Hope you got some good gifts this year.

And yeah, I haven't been as active either. I only started doing today the event here and only because was bored and stuck at work with no clients for an odd change. Holiday restrictions and all.
Prismatic B Report | 12/24/2020 6:41 pm
Prismatic B

Thank you a lot for the gift~ And I intend to stay safe too ^ ^
Dark_Slytherin Report | 11/20/2020 6:33 am
Its usually a month long but since the kid that came to do our vacation time couldnt do the full four months, I got the short straw. Sortof I guess? Since I got paid extra for working half my vacation.
Work etc? Going assume maybe work from home? If it was possible I think so. But hotel reception kinda impossible sadly.

Ohhhh thats amazing. Not easy to make jewelry of any sort. Just for yourself but also for sale online (like etxy, tictail, bigcartel, etc)?
Can I see some? biggrin

We almost done thankfully. On the last of a fake roof in an outside house. Then its just cleaning and more, much more, organization. Thats what takes the longest. Moving or repairs is easy, the rest, nope. sweatdrop
Dark_Slytherin Report | 11/18/2020 6:38 am
Yes. Was only two short weeks this year.

Nothing? Not even a project or anything?

Granted I can't say much. Other than work has been repairs on the house. So much cleaning. Halp. gonk
Dark_Slytherin Report | 11/17/2020 4:34 pm
Was so short. Spent cleaning and fixing stuff. xd

How you been?
Healing Wrath Report | 10/26/2020 8:06 pm
Healing Wrath
Sexaii Tifa!!!! emotion_bigheart

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