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Acoua Report | 08/02/2022 12:02 pm
Thank you! I'm so ready for the rest of the FF7 games to come out. Aerith immediately became one of my favorite characters as well. She makes me want to play the original. Still haven't gotten around to it. What did you think of the remake? 3nodding
Acoua Report | 08/02/2022 7:50 am
Your cosplay is amazing! emotion_kirakira
Sailor IvIercury Report | 07/29/2022 11:06 pm
Sailor IvIercury
Prince Corrin Report | 07/27/2022 5:33 pm
Prince Corrin
I truly hope so. :c Mom put in a Giant Eagle (different store in my area) order for my grandmother's mandarin oranges so those will be here tomorrow along with more drinks for me.
Since I plan on being a hermit for just a bit longer, haha. xD I'm going to go home in September for my birthday and hang with my best friend that I've known since high school. c:
Trev is one of my dearest friends and I want to come back home and hang out with my buddy. Also play some Switch games since I have the Expansion Pack.

I want to do more gaming with friends of mine - mom suggested to help our friend, Miss Marie, and come over and play Switch games with her kiddos. That sounds like a nice idea tho! ^-^
I already have convos with her oldest son, since he asks me about cat stuff. He adopted a little sweetie named Mary Jane. Silly goober eats Pringle dust...I've never heard of that xDDDD
Miss Marie also has a pup named Aries I'd love to see! I've seen photos that mom's sent me but I wanna see the pupper in person c:
Prince Corrin Report | 07/27/2022 5:13 pm
Prince Corrin
Not sure if you have this grocery chain, but there's one called Aldi in my area. So I did the order and mom placed it in for me and my grandmother.
I think I mentioned it but I'm not in my hometown and staying at my gram's for the summer since it's cooler here. Plus it helps my fuzzy boy, Shulk, stay nice and cool, too!

So I was waiting on a bunch of things to come in - UPS fellow came up and delivered my Oled, ACNH physical copy and FE: Warriors Three Hopes.
I go back inside and put all that away and I check out every 10 minutes for the grocery order. They're supposed to call...
This person didn't. Haphazardly put all my stuff into this big a** box....I try lifting the box into the house and the bottom breaks and all the contents spill out.
There were frozen things that were dripping and melting, my eggrolls got smashed due to how the person packaged it. Bruh what a mess. . w .;;;

I told mom and showed her the photos and she made a complaint. I at least want compensation for the spoiled oranges - my mom asked for oranges for my gram and this person picked the grossest ones. Smh.

Currently been working on setting up my OLED since like 5. Still going at it. My system has to redownload everything and that's probably gonna take all night.
Thank god I put all of my little guys in Pokemon Home. If I lost my Decidueye, Snowy, or my Pidgeot, Sweet Peach, I'd be so sad. ;w; The Pidgey and Rowlet lines are my favorite.
Zorua, too, actually! I shiny hunted for one in Ultra Moon and I have him, and then I have a shiny Hisuian Zoroark that appeared from a breakout. I am happy I have my favorites ;w;
Odd Cinderella Report | 07/15/2022 6:40 am
Odd Cinderella
Good luck to you!
Odd Cinderella Report | 07/15/2022 6:23 am
Odd Cinderella
Florida! And I definitely will take TONS of pictures!
Odd Cinderella Report | 07/15/2022 6:08 am
Odd Cinderella
Thanks! We'll try our best! heart
Odd Cinderella Report | 07/15/2022 5:57 am
Odd Cinderella
Yeah! heart I can't wait! But, I have to wait on boyfriend. He's my only reliable ride and he's working. Mom and sister got Covid.
Odd Cinderella Report | 07/15/2022 5:47 am
Odd Cinderella
Yeah! I'm also going to be a Midoriya Deku fangirl because he is my birthday twin. I mean, I have several fictional characters I share my birthday with, but, I feel a kinship towards Deku. Lol. redface


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Hi! talk to me and you will eventually find out more about me.
Here are some infos though:
I am an INFJ-T.
I love shopping, Disney, books, anime, manga, comics, graphic novel, makeup and cooking.
Aerith is my favorite fictional character heart
Autumn is my favorite time of the year along with Halloween and my Birthday which is a day before Halloween.
I am into horror movies, horror games and horror genre graphic novels. A few favorites are the series: House of Secrets, House of Mysteries, all the horror series from The EC Archives.
I also completed my B.Sc in Computer Engineering and MBA.
I love talking to people and questioning different things as long as they are happy to talk about anything because it helps me gain knowledge and insight into things that I cannot learn based on books and own experience alone.

DM/comment me if you feel like, I am always up for a good chat.

Fun fact: I am often in a humorous mood C: so if we ever chat you will notice that I type "lol" often emotion_yatta

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