[So ya'll know.. this is mostly an cosplay account. I will do roleplay here and there. I'll tell you a few things. I'm Amanda , old as heck, single as if it needs to be said~, lives on the East Coast. I love Final Fantasy. heart Final Fantasy VII to be exact xD. At the moment I am cosplaying as Aeris Gainsborough. I thought I would since she's my favorite FF female character. Plus I am a lot like herself. Personality wise at least. Keep in mind, now and then I like coming up outfits for my Aeris that seems.. original. So don't try and steal my ideas. Be original please. Other than that.. most cases you'll see the avi in the main outfit I have for her which is for FF7. Next goal is to make an Crisis Core outfit for Aeris but not sure what the name of the items are for it. Maybe her remake version once i have more gold. Also; I accept friend requests from other cosplayers, especially if you are cosplaying as a canon character from an anime, manga or games. Or people that share the same interests as me anyways. If we happen to RP, keep in mind I do para and multi-para.

If you wish to add me on other places here ya go.

discord: Mango$4730

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PSN for vita and PS4: RawrrxPanda]

I'm Aeris Gainsborough. I'm twenty-two years old.. and I live in Sector 5 slums in Midgar.
I'm also an flower girl in case you didn't know!
But I happen to be a little special. I mean I can hear the Planet's thoughts and all. I been told I am the last surviving Ancient. Unique right?!
I grow my own flowers and I started to sell those flowers with a bit help. It was all thanks to a young boy I met, who once fell on my flower bed. If I didn't meet him.. this would of never happened. His name was Zack Fair.
He seemed different and he was. He was in SOLDIER and was associated with Shin-Ra. The group I hated. But.. let's not get into it. He was the main reason I started selling flowers which he helped with. I earned a lot of gil which was helping me and my adoptive mother, Elmyra. After some time.. I started to developed feelings for him. More than a crush you may say. First love, he was. I'm sure he felt the same about me, too. He wasn't like rest of the boys in the Slums. That is for sure.
So.. I wrote on a piece of paper about twenty-three tiny wishes. I wonder if Zack ACTUALLY read them. But most of all.. "I'd like to spend more time with you.." is what I said to him. I meant it too.
Whenever he was on his missions, he tried to call me on the phs or meet in person at the church when he was done with them. I even wrote letters to him. 89 of them, to be exact. I don't know if he got them or read them.
After writing the 89th one.. I stopped. That is when I already turned twenty-two on my birthday. Over those four years.. I lost contact with him and never heard back from him since then..
Then on a sad and fateful day in the church, tending to my flowers, I felt a presence of someone was dying.. You know.. returning to the Lifestream and becoming one with the Planet. Sadly.. it must of been Zack, right? Just a feeling. He was gone.. I was quite heart broken and sadden by it for sometime.
It was time to move on and indeed I did. From now on I continued with the flower selling business.
Most of the times I can be found in the church. Where I happened to meet another wearing a SOLDIER outfit but.. he had blond and spiky hair. I find out his name was Cloud Strife. I asked him to be my body guard and I went on with his party of friends, to adventure off and find Sephiroth.

the new start ; remake.

Aeris Gainsborough, is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. She meets Cloud Strife in Midgar, and joins AVALANCHE soon after. Aeris is upbeat, carefree and joyful, being flirtatious towards Cloud and also compassionate towards others.

Name: Aerith Gainsborough. Or Aeris xD
Nickname: The Flower Girl, Aery/Aeri, Cetra, Ancient.
Gender: Female.
Species: Half human and Cetra.
Eye Color: Green.
Hair: Brown.
Weapon: Staves [or Staff if you wanna be specific..]
Ultimate Weapon: Princess Guard.
Occupation: Flower Girl.
D.O.B: February 7th 1985.
Birth place:Icicle Inn.
Location: The Lifestream.
Age:15-22 (Crisis Core), 17 (Before Crisis), 22 (Final Fantasy VII).
Height: 5'4.
Blood Type: O.
Abilities: Uses moves such as Healing Wave, Holy, Great Gospel, Planet Protector as a Cetra she also has powers to the Planet.
Allies: Zack Fair, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Barret Wallace, Yuffie Kisaragi, Red XIII, Cid Highwind, Vincent Valentine.

STATUS: ~ Single ~
ORIENTATION: ~ demisexual ~
DATE: ~ N/A ~
GUY: ~ N/A ~
COMMENT: ~ I'm not with anyone at the moment. I fit my Aeris with a Zack. or an Cloud but it depends. I'm picky and leans more towards Cloud since in my eyes seem more canon but eh.
LYRICS: ~ No song yet ~