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Some things

I don't usually have a whole lot of s**t to say about myself, but I'll do my best to give you some info on here.

Am I on here a lot? Yes, I'm on gaia practically every day. I enjoy talking to people and logging into the site when I get online is a habit I've yet to break.
My thoughts and passions are often interpreted as "trolling".

Up to you whether or not it really qualifies.

Am I an RPer? Yes. Feel absolutely free to market a setting or pairing to me. I'll listen, and if I don't like the idea, no hard feelings.

Don't add me if you don't know me. If you'd like to be friends with me, I have my PMs set to let anybody through. Talk to me, RP with me, or be rejected by me. We'll see.

The way I come off is often interpreted as cold or "bitchy", if you will, but if you're brave enough to talk to me then you may find me to be a bit different from those expectations.

I read way too many webcomics. I'd be happy to give you the list.

I draw extremely often, it's currently a habit of mine that is a source of money. It's both a passion, and a job of sorts.

I enjoy Adventure Time, animals of the feline variety, cold, gray weather and places, feminism, interesting minds, well-written words and people who aren't afraid to care about things.

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