If emo stands for emotional, then I would be sad if you weren't emo. That's me. Little 'emo' me. I hate anyone that calls me emo. So if you have not figured that out...bye. I enjoy anything neon, music, 'my' bass, my little group of friends, and horses.

I hate people that label. I hate the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, and girls that think they have a chance of pulling the Jonas Bros' into bed.

Love My Chemical Romance. No I am not some freaky teenie-bopper who loves Gerard Way and doesn't know who Bob Bryar is. No MCR did not save my life, they made me rethink cutting, but they did not save my life. Yes I did stop cutting if you wanted to ask.

So fix your eyes and comment,


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try this out! send this to atleast 10 people then press F5! you'll get 10,000 gold
Krad Ruhk III

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Krad Ruhk III


I don't mean to be a nudge, but the powers that be were wondering if you were going to post on the Shonen Caterers Guild anytime soon...

The reason they ask is because you've been registered for a while, but like many people haven't even said hi...

This worries them, so they have sent me to talk to everyone and see what's up.

Oh, and if you don't like any of the topics in the guild at the moment, I was informed to tell you to make new ones that you do like! ^_^

That's all for now. =D

~ Krad Ruhk III, Guild Ambassador ~
iMarina Massacre

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iMarina Massacre

I know User Image

I hate him too, thats why i gave him to you, you're not allowed to have MY edward. =P

You can have Mike Newton... Pick your poison. User Image
iMarina Massacre

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iMarina Massacre

Edward is MINE!!! You can have Jacob!!! Lol
lVl i n t e a

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lVl i n t e a

........................................User Image

.........................~+*`[[ I aM a CoOkIe PoO<3 ]] ´*+~

............................oxO||~* Hai Long Time No See. :3*~||Oxo

...............................~+*` [[ Tincel Top ]] ´*+~
iMarina Massacre

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iMarina Massacre

I'm still going to see the movie, i heard it isn't going to do so well
iMarina Massacre

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iMarina Massacre

True, you know they're gonna make a twilight Movie... i'm kinda pissed, but also OK with it. THEY MADE EDWARD LOOK UGLY!!!!!


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Hello..ur profile is soo much cooler than mine im kinda new on gaia. Im in like 12 different RPs so i get around. Im in two Twilight RP's but i know who u are your Alice. Edward does rock. I like Jasper too. User Image

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Shiori Aijou Takeshi

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Shiori Aijou Takeshi

Thank you for buying from my shop! Your profile is just adorable! ^_^



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Headfirst for Halos!
If emo stands for emotional, then I would be sad if you weren't emo.