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Hello, welcome to my store. My store has the greatest deals for all gaian's. If there is a price cheaper than mine, message me and ill lower my prices. If you want to buy an item for a particular price, message me and ill tell you if i have the item and ill be more than honored to sell it to you.
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My soul is confused, my mind is confused, my entire existance is hanging in the balance of me losing my mind over people destroying what i am.... and what people are doing to the world that makes us what we are. For all those people out there who judge people because their not exactly wearing jeans or baggy pants but maybe some shorts or sweats, wearing a helmet on a rocky road when others prefer killing themselves to show off to all of you.... these little things done to a person affects them so much that sooner or later, their just another brainless soul walking down the hallway at your school.


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My journal is the perfect source for people to know what's the hotspot for video games and movies, and which games and movies completely suck!!!


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Here. i shall reveal the darkness for all to see !