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Praises! Kinda.

You can be so scary sometimes that it's near sexy. - Gundamu

I like art. I like signs. Make me art? Make me signs? Read me a story? 4laugh


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More giggle quotes, replayed with permissions

CONSIDERING I WAS THE FASTEST/STRONGEST SPERMY All the other ones must've been retarded or something.
lol ~ Rainbow Fornication

"These white rabbits are so fast, it's like they know I'm black!!" - Gundamu

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Yorkshire Signs

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Ohai there.

I am Flameinexile, and I am a Site Moderator. I speak to varying degrees of fluency English, French, and Italian.

I will do my best to help out when and where I can, however, that doesn't change that I'm a relatively blunt individual and I tell things like they are. This is sort of like that warning at the start of A Series of Unfortunate Events- if you're here for happy bunnies and sunshine... this is not the right movie for you.

I like getting PMs and Comments, please do not send random friend requests, though.

I graduated with a BA in History and Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Politics in May, and am now studying full time as part of a Masters in Economics with a focus on International Tourism in addition to working for a publication company part time and working a second part time job with kids. This means that I'm strapped for time, and what time I have, I give to Gaia.

I've been published in an Indian Women's magazine, which was one of the greatest experiences ever, and I hope to work with the editorial staff of Tanishka again sometime in the near future. I love India, and spent four years as an officer of my school's India club.
User Image I spent ten days in Kerala studying economic development in March 2010, and hope to go back to India in the near future. Kerala is a relatively poor state on the whole, however, the literacy rate is around 90% in both the urban and rural portions, making it a marvel. Also fascinating is the fact that it has a democratically elected (no funny business) Communist government. I was less than a fan of their "Gods Own Country" slogan, but it was fascinating that Christians, Muslims, and Hindus had no issues getting along JUST fine. It was also pretty neat to see what looked like "Pimp my house of worship"- some of the colour combos on the Churches and Mosques were just phenomenal. Lime green trim on a brilliantly white mosque, Jesus chillin in a bright pink Church with Orange trim and bunting- I could hear the promo clip for MTV.

I have travelled all over the place and keep photo-journals, at some point I'll post a map here of the places I've been and seen, and the places that I've lived. Hopefully with my next profile update / theme creation.


Thank you everyone for your kind gifts and words. smile

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Captain Peppermint fed my unhealthy love of drink with a Pinot Noiress.
Them snazzy heart boxers? Totally the magic of Lupin_Therian

I owe my silver and sapphire crown to mushroomkingdomprincess02

An awesome Sharky saw to my pretty pearl skin

My genie ensemble is complete with a little help from RavEr MachiNe

My Christmas elvery has been topped with quartz at sailornorthstar's hand.

Bes In A Box has ensured I can be a snowflake with white heels.

xXx I am loveless xXx put me in some fancy candy panties, obby.

Haku no Kami and Goosies Moosies double-teamed me with sprites, eep!

Moon_Gown made my genie fantasy a reality with Lovely Genie Teal Embroidered Harem Pants

I must thank Yumi Sanoda for the black mistress dress and the kind words !

Lovely Genie Red Belly Gem sent by TiffanyLovesKpop <3

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SaraBethMcgee gifted me a lovely genie bangle smile
Sinister Mist Ninja gifted me a red pleated tennis skirt.


God needs to get out more :/

He is everywhere. how more out can you get??

The guy sat down and created an extremely complex world and extremely complex people I bet Thor is laughing at him for being a science nerd

As long as your thoughts are pure, and you do not lust for this man, or fantasize, or try to seduce, you are ok. Any of the above is wronge outside of marraige

I love it how you can always quote the bible to contradict something completely valid

It's like a How To Reply: For Idiots : D

Work hard for yor items, just like everyone else.
Do you walk into a clothing store and ask they lower the price of tshirts because you can't be arsed to find the cash?

Let's face it, they don't need encouragement to cyber. They'd do it if our avatars were black shadows or looked like the current president. They'd just attempt to ignore it and hopefully have nightmares at night.

If the admins were stupid enough to give avatars the ability to get pregnant, I want a wire hanger. Or several bottles of alcohol. And crack, can't forget about crack neutral

And lets not forget about the wondeful backally abortion system!


The amount of people still on dial-up are slim-to-none, I'd think.
Personally, I'd love to be able to disable other peoples' signatures.
When I'm subjected to numerous Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy butt-buddy pictures ... I just want to die inside.

Not untill recently did I know what these grillz were, all I knew was that some nasty rappers wore them. It's bad enough having to wear braces, but now it's in?
Tattoos and piercings I can take, but seriously. Grillz are like shoving the world's biggest diamond up your butt. xp

As an obese white guy who lives in the South, I am offended by the fact that Gaia does not give me the option of marrying my sister and having a child with eleven toes as an event item. I am also offended by the fact that I occasionally see dark skinned avatars walking around towns in the same area with white avatars. Please, Gaia, think of everyone else before you put these things in effect!!

God no. And i am black and grillz are...-shudders- Why cant they be happy with braces...you get to pick what color band you get ;D

This is GUN Patrol Bigfoot, Fail has been detected. En route to intercept and post asshattish comments.


Re: Do mods ever sleep?
They're entities that feast on the mortal souls of members that exute excessive faggotry.

They need no rest.

Precisely. Personally I loved how the Roma girl in the Disney movie was shown to be a real woman, with hip, boob and tummy flesh. Yes she was a little fiesty and raunchy, but c'mon that's Disney. If they're not killing your mum they're slutting her up.

Seriously, the gypsy outfit is well know. Have a go at society, not Gaia. You're sending mixed messages! They finally do something good and you're batting them on the nose for being a 'bad puppy'. Give that dog a bone!

My blog! And me!

This is like a journal, except that I actually use it on occasion!

Click here to go there

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HELP! I need somebody-

HELP, not just anybody-

While I am pleased and delighted to help those that need it, please do NOT comment on something that needs mod action- some things should be done in the privacy of PMs. Modding-related comments will be ignored.

Maybe you need some special help, though.
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SoulStealingKitten Report | 07/02/2017 1:33 pm
Hope you're doing well!
AS Roma again Report | 03/06/2017 10:17 am
AS Roma again
why aren't you a mod anymore,my favorite former mod
Brutaliity Report | 02/19/2015 4:20 am
Yes 4laugh
I find some of your posts very interesting actually haha, pity i never see them on time because i'm in a different timesone lol
Brutaliity Report | 02/18/2015 4:35 am
I don't go on skype crying crying
But i see you post on facebook haha whee redface redface sweatdrop
Brutaliity Report | 02/17/2015 3:21 am

I'm gooood, i miss youuuuu crying
Brutaliity Report | 02/04/2015 12:40 am
Hi ilu heart heart heart
SoulStealingKitten Report | 01/07/2015 4:47 pm
You better sleep o.o...
Yeah ahah, I love my sister! I am currently visiting my Mom right now!
I go back home Friday, and then start college back up on Monday sweatdrop
SoulStealingKitten Report | 01/04/2015 10:37 am
You deserve sleep!!!
Mine was well spent with my sister heart
SoulStealingKitten Report | 01/03/2015 9:39 pm
Oh my, I'm really sorry DX! I'm glad you're okay though!!
How was your News Year? 3nodding
SoulStealingKitten Report | 12/29/2014 9:32 am
A scooter accident?! Are you okay?! What happened :l ?
I have been okay, I was just looking back at my old comments and wanted to talk to some of my old Gaia buddies.
How's the Holiday season treating you? (besides that accident sweatdrop )

Giggles, from the depths of CB, circa 2005

You know there weren't any diseases in the beginning? Sin caused all that stuff. Death is natural though.

Why are there some pretty old people in Gaia, watchout you guys who are pretty young because I have seen on the news a lot cases about these dangers. Be very careful you guys.
-Don't talk to people who use five too man offensive words.
-If they are your "friend" get rid of them. If they are asking too many personal questions stop tlking to them or report them. It is ok if they ask if you are old or not because they are probably making sure you aren't a predtor.
-If they're b-day is too old for you do not talk to them!
-If they are getting agressive report them if it is serious or just stop mailing them.


mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen


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Possibly Offensive quotes:

No really, more offensive than anything else you've seen so far. Reposted with permission of yokomotoz.

The Latino is usually a lazy and procrastinating and laid back creature.
But if one snaps (and it takes awhile trust me), there is always something that happens and the rest of the world is just amazed at his feats.

Rule of thumb for you. Don't ever make a latino get off his a** and do something because usually destruction and a string of revolutions happen.

As of now the last Latino to get off his a** and do something: Che Guevara. We all know what that resulted in. So for pity's sake, don't get us motivated. Leave us be.

angelfromdown-under is finally my beautiful bride, Feb 19th.