Hey, I'm Flacks. (Or Rebecca, or Becca if you prefer)

I am currently on a journey of self-realization, so I'll put down the basics.

I'm 15.

I'm androgynous and pansexual.

I'm socially retarded. Though I talk up a storm online if I get going, for the most part I'm pretty shy.

I write and I draw, mostly write.

I enjoy literature and taking the piss out of terrible 'literature'. (Read: Twilight ******** suuuucks)

My role model is the beautiful Amanda Palmer.

If you want to know more, feel free to talk, I guess. :]


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Relm Arrowni

Report | 05/29/2009 4:49 pm

Relm Arrowni

^-^ A random hello from someone you don't know. ^-^

*wavies* So hi! *wavies*

whee Cute avatar! whee

Pink Haired Pirate

Report | 05/08/2009 5:24 am

Pink Haired Pirate

Sadly there's not much to debate when it comes to abortion and risk factor. I feel that there's a time and place for everything, if the pregnancy will be fatal for either mother or child regardless of the circumstances of conception I will agree with abortion. If one of them is going to die in the end anyway then it would be better to let the mom live on would it not? I don't feel that the emotional factor of teasing should decide a child's fate. Even if it was rape that baby didn't have a choice either.
Now as far as those who use contraceptives, all of the packaging states it's effectiveness, even the pill is only 99% effective and I know a couple that got pregnant on the pill, using a condom, and spermicide. I still feel like if you think you're ready for sex you should be ready for the possible consequences because nothing is 100% effective. I mean, hell look at the virgin mary, abstinence, 99.999% effective lol.
Pink Haired Pirate

Report | 05/07/2009 7:58 am

Pink Haired Pirate

My siggy is aimed towards immature whores who seem to think it's okay to just go have unprotected sex and then get an abortion if "oops I got pregnant" stupidity should not be rewarded. Mind you I also do not believe that rape babies should be aborted for personal reasons.

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hai there lovly im suppose to be studieing right now.... he he he he
Felinicus Mow

Report | 04/02/2009 10:22 am

Felinicus Mow

I long for reviews of the shredding kind. Would you be so wonderful as to fulfill my wish? You can access my new web-novel from the Guild forum. Reviews are appreciated and can be posted in the Nexus Records under the showing off and critiquing sub-forum. Please and thank you? Also, if you wish to bash Twilight at any time, I have a full case of 9mm rounds we can go hunting with.
Lume Tow

Report | 03/16/2009 3:20 am

Lume Tow

random heyz!


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