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Corruption of Youth
Artistic Couture
Vindictive D r e a m s
Anima Panthera
Vintage Misery

Fun Facts:

1. You shall never see what I look like in real life. Ever.

2. My biggest passions are roleplaying and drawing.

3. I can be a whore; I will do most anything for gold and items.

4. I am a HUGE pervert, a flirt, and an asshole. That's just who I am.

5. I am bisexual and have a big ego.

6. Currently searching for a creative partner to make digital art to go alongside my mature stories.

7. Despite being a dick I am a very grateful and appreciative person.

8. I absolutely ADORE surprises. You have no idea how much I love being surprised.

9. I abhor text talk and illiterate people.

10. Strangers who have recognized me and greeted me: IX.


Back again.

My name is none of your concern, unless I like you.
I am not here to make rl friends, however I do enjoy a weird chat.

Twenty-four, male. All about creative writing, all forms of art (drawing, painting, fiddling with my art tablet ), nature/animals, working out until I'm sore, video games ( PS2, PS3, X-Box 360 ), body modifications, perverts, pissing off people, random sexual gestures, warm weather, interwebz, Ron Burgundy, water, warm sunshine, comedy, Fear and Loathing.

I will try to mess with you. I do hit on women and men based on their avatars. Also I don't accept random adds, I don't like PMs, but I love random comments.

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zOMG mule CL: 2.3.

Currently questing: Any plush/animal items
Just for fun.


[b:38cf547ccb]NAMELESS|FACELESS MAN[/b:38cf547ccb]

[u:38cf547ccb]Questing[/u:38cf547ccb]: [b:38cf547ccb]Any plush/animal items.[/b:38cf547ccb][/size:38cf547ccb]

I may be a bastard but I still worship those who donate.[/color:38cf547ccb][/size:38cf547ccb]

These amazing babes [i:38cf547ccb]almost[/i:38cf547ccb] get me hard:
[b:38cf547ccb][u:38cf547ccb]Corruption of Youth[/u:38cf547ccb][/b:38cf547ccb]
[u:38cf547ccb]Artistic Couture[/u:38cf547ccb]

♛ Roleplayer. [/align:38cf547ccb][/size:38cf547ccb]


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Birthday: 07/07

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