The Devil and his had me down.
In love with the dark side I’d found.
Dabbling all the way down.
Up to my neck, soon to drown.


Random thoughts

There was a lack of pancakes

This probably won't make much sense or have anything to do with anything else.. just random bs that runs thru my head at odd times. I apologize beforehand



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Attack Kitty RAWR

Report | 11/05/2017 5:46 pm

Attack Kitty RAWR

Dude, I even come back after YEARS and you're still gone. WTF? Where's my damned guild damnit? Let me know if you ever get this.
Rilriia Kilurden

Report | 05/22/2011 7:22 pm

Rilriia Kilurden

Hey, check your PMs when you get around to getting back here. If you don't see my PM with my e-mail, ask Asia.

Hope life is treating you well my friend. Lyss~.
Rilriia Kilurden

Report | 09/13/2010 9:27 am

Rilriia Kilurden

You d**k... I go to your page thank you very much.... but noooo oh nooooo I gotta go to Ak's page to see how you are.... *punches you in the arm really really hard, 'cause yeah those virtual punches.... yeah damnit yeah!* Your player's been down for awhile. And I'm quitting Gaia.... Found a site called Subeta. Waaayyyyy nicer, less expensive, only 100 thousand people so it's totally different, plus you get pets.

Actually I've pretty much quit, I'm here a few times a month at most, and that's to contact people I haven't heard from in a long time.

....And I'm here because I don't go to your profile....... *walks away mumbling at the slight*

Oh and another thing mister Bri...... okay I forgot but if I could remember oooh you'd get a scathing talking to you would! hahahaha Think you'll ever get some time to come to Subeta? I know of a guild (called cults there) you'd love. It's more adult oriented than Gaia, they have beer, whiskey, and hookas on the site! You'd love it.

Report | 08/26/2010 9:30 pm


Fair enough. I'm just going to start hitting "comment back" and just ignore the whole main page. That'll work. How are things going with you?

Report | 08/06/2010 12:29 am


Yeesh. MAKE me use Firefox you a**. Mr. Bossy Britches. And btw, I was still using Firefox up to very recently, and your player STILL hogged the page. And I KNOW I'm not the ONLY one having problems with this. SO THERE. *Raspberry* razz

Report | 07/29/2010 10:12 pm


You know, mate, I'd comment on your profile, more, but like... That player popping up and covering your entire page is kind of a drag. But I still lurve you. And I'm glad you had an awesome day. smile

Report | 07/20/2010 10:48 pm


Happy Late Birthday! Hope you had a great one. *Hugs*
princess magikarp

Report | 07/07/2010 11:51 am

princess magikarp

: D
(fyi, this is x_ROXAS_o or whichever username I
had when I last spoke
with you.... xD )
Rilriia Kilurden

Report | 07/01/2010 9:27 pm

Rilriia Kilurden

Oh that sucks balls. I'm sorry hon. As is Eric, though he is "just happy that [you're] alive. Dude, I was ready to call the Marines. Did you send me an e-mail giving me your password? The beast died again (but is now working .... for however long!) so I didn't get to reply, but there's no way I would ever EVER EVER take over your account. Even to save the guild...

Don't do that Bri! It worries me....

So .... wow on this end, a lot has happened. We just moved a month ago but bad roommate compatibility. Something you know about..... so we're moving next month... But we got the apartment we wanted!!! Most of the places here ...we're in Maine now, did you know that? Grimy butthole of the US... But most of the places are old Victorians that haven't been cared for. This is the welfare capital of the north... blech! I swear you can hear Dueling Banjos if you set outside. Other than that, Eric's got a great job, I'm looking to go back to school for forensic science, and my back is getting better daily! We also have an adorakble kitten named Tethys. And s**t, I gotta run to Facebook and let Asia know you're alive!!! She'll be relieved.

So what's been going on with you?
Rilriia Kilurden

Report | 06/21/2010 6:53 am

Rilriia Kilurden

You a** monkey.... *slight smile* There you go with your big shiny life and your fancy new girlfriend (how's she doing btw?) and you up and forget about us....

And we were planning a road trip --hopefully for sometime next year-- where we popped in on you...


And the night is like a dagger, long and cold and sharp, as I sit here on the front steps blowin smoke rings in the dark.
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