Age: 18
Gender: Male
A sparsely populated planet named Orthad. It's rather dry and mostly desert. A few oases spotted around the continent. Some small lakes and one inland sea constitute most of the water on the planet. Cities... really towns are where ever there is water. Towns govern themselves. The monetary unit for the whole planet is gold. Criminals and bounty hunters abound.

Orion is a young orphan just starting out as a bounty hunter. Family dead from one of these criminals... only clue he has is a memory of glowing red eyes and the scent of cherries. He grew up in an orphanage. Like most country folk he hunted for food quite often. He is quite a good shot actually. At 18 he started out looking for the one that killed his parents. Hearing rumors of a red eyed killer he crossed the waste. He tracked him to some sort of underground facility. He snuck in just as the huge doors were closing. Wandering into a strange metallic chamber a piercing sound began reverberating seemingly from everywhere. There was a clear sphere in the center of the room. Human like shaped seemed to be standing inside. Lighting started emanating from the sphere. The lighting shot towards him. His guns were grabbed out of his hands and pulled to the sphere. When they hit the sphere shattered. Suddenly he was standing in a city street. This was no city he'd ever seen before. Strange people walked along this street. He ducked into the first door he found. The sign above the door read the Demented Muffin.

College student at Florida Tech.
Age: 24
Major: Astrophysics
Home State: Oregon


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Sea World is the awesome!!!! Hehe, call me.

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Eh, I dunno....Sea World would be interesting.

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Yippees! don't do that. **rubs side**

Yes... Yes we should... hey The plushes haven't been to Sea World yet and there's a school trip latter this month... plus I now have a Tachikoma plush to add to the mix

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We still need to go to Epcot and do the Grunty and Kirara hat pictures....

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Idon't know... Who are you?


HAHA everyone thanks for the welcome... this should get very interesting.

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Do I know you? XD

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Oop... that makes more sense sweatdrop Hush you, it's late and Bonzai is distracting me...

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You're only 18?!?!?! LIES!! YOU CAN'T BE THAT CLOSE TO ME!!! eek
heart I leov ya hun! blaugh Good to see you here!

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first comment!! i win again!!

((see my profile for details!!))


Orion Farseer of the Aida Clan
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