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Oi..I'm... Natsuki, don't call me prince. Anyway, I really like fishing, my goal is to be the fishing pro of the world, b-but don't expect me to teach you everything! A fishermen gains his own natural instinct from his experiences! B-but.. I suppose I could teach you a little bit about it... but if you don't understand.. t-too bad I'm not explaining again!

I go fishing with my friends, Yuki, Haru, and Akira. We all four enjoy fishing very much, in fact it was the thing that brought us all together as friends...so this sport has become quite important to all of us, not just that it's fun but apparently Haru needs us to fish out something important? I don't quite understand that yet.. he's usually crazy about everything so it might just be something in his head..but it doesn't bother me... I love fishing with them, and regardless of what were fishing for, if it has an importance or not...I'm happy!
*Ahem* Oh, sorry.. getting a little carried away there, anyway I should explain more about myself...I live in Enoshima, I work at a small fishing store with the captain and Misaki, I live with my father and my younger sister Sakura.. our mother passed and things really haven't been quite the same without her... especially with this strange woman about named M-mariko..*ahem* Well, I guess that's enough to say about myself, if you have any questions about fishing leave a comment in my box or something.

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