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'Tis where I sell go buy :D

~I try to offer reasonable prices.
~I won't return mispriced items, so make sure you check before you confirm your sale.
~If you want something from my store, PM me with a reasonable offer.
~If I like you and you don't beg, I may give you a good discount.
~Watch out! It's a flying cherry! D: dramallama
~That is all.. xD


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List of stalkers...


My profile was seriously in need of an update xD

So, me:
-I'm 18-
-My name is Josh-
-I live in Australia-
-It's awesome-
-I have a sister who's awesome and 3 years older than me-
-Did I mention she's awesome?-
-I'm in my second year of university-
-I'm stuyding science-
-I don't really know what kind of career I want-
-I'm shy-
-I'm also generous-
-You could say I'm intelligent-
-I have awesome friends-
-I don't really like my parents-
-I hate parking-
-I do tae kwon do-
-I'm going for my second degree black belt next year-
-I like tennis-
-I heart music-
-I don't know what I'd do without it-
-I have varied taste in music-
-I like video games-
-Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are epic-
-I haven't actually finished them..-
-But they're still epic.. scream -
-I have a wii, a gamecube, a DS phat, PS2 and PS3-
-My first game was pokemon yellow-
-I still like pokemon-
-But I preferred the older versions-
-Pokemon gold: probably my fav game ever-
-Okami is also good-
-And Zelda-
-Metal Gear Solid 4 has long cutscenes-
-But it's still epic-
-A lot of things are epic in my mind-
-My fav TV show is The O.C.-
-No matter what people say, I don't think the 4th season was cr@p-
-I quite liked it actually-
-I have good memories of watching cartoons in the morning-
-Like pokemon a sailor moon-
-Sailor moon ftw!-
-I don't care that it's girly-
-It's epic repetitive, but awesome-
-I want to go to America-
-I've been to Singapore-
-It's humid there-
-They also have lotsa shops-
-I love funny pix-

Eep. It's my donators heart

~sour_munchies - 10k~
~Keideon Alekai - Summoning tome (won in a contest)~
~Fire insider - 3k~
~Animeazn -15k~
~Buena Vista - Gift of the Gods, Brass Raving Goggles, Wingding (phase one)~ [This guy is awesome xD]
~Nilba - Jan 09 Letter~
~fallen_death_angel13 - Immaculate bishop 2k~
~ -_BananaPoptartSundae_- -- 10k~
~An anonymous benefactor - Ribbon Luv Sleeves White & Red Cowboy Bandana~
~Orleia - March '09 Sealed & Black Ops Gear~ heart

And meh quests..

Spirit Falcon
Angelic Boots
Angelic Collar
Tuga the Narwhal Plush
Mythic Hair
Frostbite Blade
Winter rose
Kokora the Little Blue Penguin Plush
Enchanted Strings
GO Phones
Celestial Wrap
Western Zodiac
Gwee the Dragon
Kaya the Cat
MoMo the Monkey
Gift of the Goddess
Gift of the gods
Summoning Tome
Scarlet sprite
Samurai Yorio Bought 29/4/08 for 10.2k
Elemental Wings Bought 19/5/08 for 31k
Hermes' Moon 5th gen Bought 23/5/08 for 98k
Fausto's Bottle 3rd gen Bought 23/5/08 for 30k
Pora Ice (on my head) 4th gen Bought 26/5/08 for 15k
Angelic Imp Plushie Bought 4/8/08 for 11.6k
Faunzy's Flute Bought 5/8/08 for 21.5k
CoCo Kitty Plushie Bought 15/11/08 for 172k
Fallen Wish 5th gen Bought 20/11/08 for 60k
Enchanted Book 1st gen Bought 21/11/08 for 55k
Angelbow Bought 21/11/08 for 41k
Demonic Anklets Bought 21/11/08 for 38k
Aquarium Far East Bundle Bought 18/31/08 for 119.7k
Biancamella 1st gen Bought 22/1/09 for 155k
Infernal Spirit 4th gen Bought 23/1/09 for 132k
Sven the Penguin Bought 23/1/09 for 6.5k
Fallen Wish 8th gen Bought 24/1/09 for 138k
Picolitrosso's Urn 1st gen Bought 31/1/09 for 285k
Panda slippers Bought 9/2/09 for 175.5k
Gold Automaton Arm Bought 21/2/09 for 14k
Gold Automaton Arm Bought 22/2/09 for 14k
Wingding (phase one) Bought 22/2/09 for 14.5k
Black Ops Gear & Dark Halo ~ Currently questing

My spending spree over the last few days [as of 23rd of July:

Chyaku norisu scarf
Pride of hera
Chain of command
Yokai’s treasure
Shadow spirit
ZONY MP3 player
Mythrill halo
Captain Ara’s nestegg
Fremere’s guard
Reindeer slippers
Yellow puppy fleece hat
Demonic mic
Cupid’s crown
Snow witch
Kelp o’ th’ Loch
The cosmos
Alruna’s rose
Order of atlantis
Trick or treat tote
Demonic armor
Twister the fire phoenix

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FallenInLove123 Report | 08/27/2011 12:56 am
Hey hey, it's been forever since I have talked to you. I hope you're doing good. Missed you lots. I haven't been on Gaia in FOREVER. My computer died, and I totally forgot my password,....till like today. Haha. Major failure. But message me when you get the chance to.
AbueloVader Report | 01/17/2011 3:37 am
Thanks for buying.
StXndr Report | 07/09/2010 12:26 pm
Haha, yeah I did, I had a random urge last night.
It's just Downing (as in the street) minus the G.
With it being my surname and that being what people call me an' all :]
StXndr Report | 07/08/2010 8:47 am
cool avi
StXndr Report | 06/21/2010 7:12 am
Buena Vista.. This guy is awesome! XD

Naturally ^_^
MikkiMetalhead Report | 04/03/2010 10:08 pm
Thanks for buying~ smile
pendragoned Report | 03/27/2010 11:23 am
study then play? xD
you'll regret not studying and you know it. /SHOT
Clleo Report | 03/26/2010 6:29 pm

I know, I just can't accept the amount of real money they expect us to use. Its just ruining it for me D:

Anddd its a gap year for me and I still can't find myself a job, arghh.
pendragoned Report | 03/26/2010 9:17 am
it's alright, BB.

I am doing good you? c:
Clleo Report | 03/26/2010 5:43 am

Better late than never I always say <3
My birthday was great if you were wondering btw.
I'm not on much either to tell you the truth. If I'm online its either, my blog, youtube or facebook haha.


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