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So how long has it been since I came back to this site? 50 ******** years? Chaos ensues, and here I am. Hey friends~ Hey loves~ Hey darlings~ It's been a long, long time, but yes, I am still around.

Ye Olde Quotes from Ye Olden Times
"I love the way you have this dull wit about you and how your sarcastic remarks are always brilliant, except they always fall flat because NT runs into them like brick walls."
~Dart to Rain~

"I'm like that pirate captain who, when forced to walk the plank, is going to blow the ship up so everyone's gotta swim."


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Frau Kraut Report | 01/29/2019 8:03 am
*Snuggles* Aye, work is killing me slowly...;-; Please bug me more often heart
Frau Kraut Report | 12/24/2018 9:34 pm
I miss you terribly Tsengy and I hope you have a very lovely Christmas!
RainMisoa Report | 12/18/2018 10:59 pm
Same. And today was lovely, too! We're celebrating Yule early and I'm so happy!
Frau Kraut Report | 12/18/2018 7:47 am
*SNUGS* HOMG. I miss you so damn much! Freaking come back to me, my Tsengy~! <3
RainMisoa Report | 12/16/2018 9:13 pm
I know! I'm quite pleased we've discovered that~ <3
RainMisoa Report | 12/16/2018 9:10 pm
Yeah. 38 of them! X3
RainMisoa Report | 12/14/2018 2:30 pm
-[-Platinum Trickster-]- Report | 05/14/2012 11:57 pm
I got like... 17k IP, just saving for a full rune page at 20. Sivir, MIss Fortune and Kennen are free this week, I always wanted to try them. And Mordekaiser, just 'cuz. :3

I'll add you as soon as I log back in~
-[-Platinum Trickster-]- Report | 05/12/2012 6:36 pm

My username is Arkimeth. No surprise there. heart

I just started, so my mains right now are Ahri and Vivi-- I mean, Veigar. I also play Caitlyn, Morgana, Garen and Sona occasionally. Trying to learn how to jungle with Nocturne and Skarner now.
Ronin Engel Report | 01/25/2012 1:59 am
Happy birthday Boss ^_^


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It's been a while, but shadows and bastards never die~