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Try this out this is really works! send this in:

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trying 2 get items
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yer i always talk but u don't send back and nm u
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what up
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Portogas D Ace
Psh, I need HELLA more than that for the item I want.
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Portogas D Ace
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picture Characters: Heroes Goku, SDSJ Goku and Vegeta Vegeta, SDSJ Vishnu Vishnu, Gohan Pan, SSJ Pan Goten, Trunks Goten - 20 years later, Trunks - 20 years later Future Trunks, Piccolo Bardock, SSJ Bardock King Vegeta, SSJ King Vegeta Tien, Yamcha Uub, Uub - 20 years later, Krillin Dark (Vegeta - Good Counterpart from HFIL), Dabura Firaga, Spiraga Darkrai, Thundaga LeafStorm, Venomgland Vishkugeta, Gotenks (Adult) Tiencha Vishnu - 20 years later Flamesoulrai King Bargeta Minor Characters Chi-Chi, Bulma Videl, Bulla Android 18, Marron Dende, Mr.Popo King Kai, Korin Baba, Master Roshi Villains: Robotro/Android 2, Brooza Janembuu, Cellza SSJ4 Rappaz, Brolack Evil Vishnu - Controlled by Caoblix, Gohan - Evil Counterpart from HFIL Caoblix, Krillin - Evil Counterpart from HFIL Goku - Evil Counterpart from HFIL Phonero/Android 4 (Robotro's Servant) Televisro/Android 5 (Robotro's Servant) Dr.Nero/Android 21 Janemba Kid Buu Cell Frieza Cull Garlic Jr Garlic Coolza Raditz Nappa Super Android 13 Super Android 17 Super Android 30 Dr.Gero Dr.Myuu Dr.Myero Broly Bojack Cooler Coolza Hirudegarn Luud Luudigarn Babidi Bibidi Chapter 1: The Mysterious Young Boy It's been a day after the fight with the Evil Omega Shenron. Everyone was wondering where Goku went when he went on the back of Shenron after they beat Omega. Vegeta was bored having no one to train with. The only thing he did all day was stare and look at the white wall waiting for Goku to come back. He just walked around his house and didn't train just thinking about his memories. Then Vegeta heard someone knock on Vegeta's doors at his house. Vegeta just ignored it and went back to thinking. "I'll get it.", Bulma said cheerfully. Bulma walked towards the door and opened it. "Hi Bulma!", Goku said happily. "Goku, it's really you! Vegeta didn't eat anything or say anything for the whole day because he missed you.", Bulma said laughing. "Really, He did that?! Hey Vegeta, long time no see!", Goku said happily. "Bulma, Did you really have to say that?! And Kakarot, It's only been one day, you idiot!", Vegeta said angrily but then laughing. Everyone Else Laughed. Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten and the others were really happy Goku was back. "Where have you been Dad?", Gohan asked curiously. "Well, I went on top of Shenron's back and he took me to this realm similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber except it had all these other Dragons everywhere. Most of them looked like Shenrons. I only saw about 3 Porungas. It was amazing! They trained me for 1 year but it was actually 1 day like in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. I was still in my kid body but the Dragons said that my kid body was too weak to get stronger so they made me back in my adult body. I learned new attacks and got more powerful. Really, I wasn't supposed to come back to Earth because I absorbed the dragonballs and got powers like a God. When I was in the Dragon Chamber, the Dragons let me have only 1 wish. I was so happy and I already knew my wish, it was to come back to Earth, so all the Dragons in the Dragon Chamber took back my God powers by restoring their dragonballs to their natural form and I got to come back to Earth!", Goku said happily and excited. Everyone was happy to hear that. They were all celebrating in Capsule Corp and was having a party that Goku was back and that the Monstrous Omega Shenron was defeated. Goku was eating the whole time watching Chi-Chi, Videl, Bulma and Pan dance. The party was over at night and everyone said their goodbyes and went home. That night, a spaceship (Like the one Nappa And Vegeta came to Earth with), landed on the Planet Earth in front of Goku's house and created a small crater. A Young boy with a huge powerlevel and a red aura emerged from it and walked towards Goku's house. The boy had a red headband, black hair, a red shirt and blue pants. He also has red wristbands and had a little scar on his cheek. He seemed 6 years younger than Goten (Goten is 17) but his strength and power was bigger than his. The Mysterious boy lowered his power and opened the dark door to their house. The boy tried to be as quiet as he can and snuck upstairs. Goku and Chi-Chi's room was closed and Gohan's and Videl's were also closed. Pan's and Goten's were open but the boy decided to go to Goten's room. He walked up to Goten and looked at him. "Hi", the boy whispered to Goten. Goten moaned and then woke up. "Huh What? Who are you and what are you doing in my room?! What Time is it anyways", Goten said loudly. Goten looked over to the clock. "3 AM?!", Goten quietly yelled. "Shhh! Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you, I want you to help me with something", The Boy Whispered. Goten noticed Vishnu's tail but didn't say anything. He was just surprised if the boy was another saiyan or not. "Sure, I'll help you but first you have to tell me who you are and what you need help with. I'm Goten.", Goten whispered calmly. "My name is Vishnu and I'm 11 years old...I need help to find my father. I've heard from an enemy of mine that his name is Goku or something like that." "An Enemy? What Enemy? How does he know my dad?!", Goten asked shocked. "Goku's Your Dad?! Anyways, I'll tell you and your family the whole story tomorrow. But for now, where can I sleep?", Vishnu asked yawning. Chapter 2: Vishnu, The Long Lost Son of Goku and Chi-Chi "Um...I guess on the floor since there's no where else", Goten said yawning to Vishnu. "Ok, Good Night", Vishnu quietly said. "Night", Goten whispered. Vishnu walked to the floor and lied down. The second he dropped, he instantly fell asleep because he was really tired. While he was sleeping, Vishnu had a dream. It showed Goten waking up and talking to Chi-Chi, Goku, Gohan, Videl and Pan. He was telling them about Vishnu coming to their house at night and for his quest to find his father and the enemy that Vishnu told him. Suddenly, he saw a shadowy figure clouding over everything and it was saying words to him like "I'll find you Vishnu...I'll KILL YOU!". It was the enemy that Vishnu had mentioned to Goten. Vishnu's dream was filled with darkness from the enemy. His mind was getting clouded by darkness. He shaked his head and woke up. Goten woke up 5 minutes after that. "Did you sleep well?", Goten asked Vishnu curiously. "Yeah", Vishnu lied, "Did you Goten?", Vishnu asked. "Yup. Let's go to my brother, niece, sister-in law and parents. My brother, sister in-law and niece slept over last night. I'll introduce you to all of them.", Goten said happily to Vishnu. "Ok, Goten. Thanks.", Vishnu said. Goten and Vishnu walked downstairs and saw Chi-Chi, Gohan and Goku. "Hi Dad, Mom, Gohan, Pan and Videl. This is Vishnu. Last Night, he snuck into my room and asked me if I can help him...on a quest to find his father. That's not all, he said there's this enemy who said his father lives here and his name is Goku...", Goten explained to Goku, Chi-Chi and Gohan. "Talk about Deja Vu...", Vishnu said in his mind. "Hi, I'm Vishnu and I'm 11.", he introduced. "Whoa! For 11 whole years, I had a really strong son and never knew?! Chi-chi, how come you never told me? By the way, who is this enemy you spoke of before?!", Goku said in shock. Gohan interrupted, "Nice to meet you Vishnu! I'm Gohan. It's cool but I'm sad that I never knew...what happened to you? I don't even remember a single thing about you.", Gohan said with a smile on his face but then confused. "Whoa, it would be cool and weird having an uncle that's younger than me. I'm Pan. Grandma, how come I've never heard about this?!", Pan said excited. "Nice to meet you Vishnu. I'm Videl. Now we just need an explanation from Chi-Chi.", Videl said happily. "I cannot remember a single thing about having another son. But to be honest, I always felt like someone was missing in the family. Also, one more thing, don't you think that Vishnu kind of looks like Gohan when he was a teen?", Chi-Chi said. Videl, Gohan, Goku Goten and Pan were asking questions like "What planet was he living in?" and things like that. "I'll tell you about me now.", Vishnu said. Vishnu charged up and let his power go back to his normal full strength. "His Strength and Power...His Powerlevel is as big as mine and Vegeta's!!!!", Goku said really surprised. Pan stared at Vishnu's strength. She asked him if he can tell them how he got that strong. Chapter 3: The Legendary Flaming Dragon Saiyan "I'll tell you how I got this strong and who the "enemy" was. He kidnapped me and used an Amnesia Gun to make everyone forget all about me. His name is Robotro and he's obviously a robot. Robotro can transform into any Electrical Device and I think he said once that he was an Android made by Dr.Gero or something. He also has a giant gun (which his one of his hands) that can change modes. It can become anything like a normal gun, a cannon, a flamethrower, an amnesia gun and more. I think it was Android 2 but I'm not sure. When he kidnapped me, he trapped me in this electrical cage and locked me up with handcuffs and chained them to the cage. He also locked up my legs and chained them to the cage. I was living in his Lab that was in his Spaceship in Space. It seemed like he knows about all of you because I overheard he told his servants that my father was Goku and all these things like what he's going to do in the future. He also said about all of you like Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, Krillin, etc. and told his robots that I'm a Saiyan. He said he's going to kill all of us and rule the universe. Robotro also said he will destroy every planet and finally make his own planet and only his Robot Servants and him will live there. I had to hear him repeat that for 4 years until I was 5 years old. I couldn't stand hearing all that, and rage and power was flowing through my body. All of a sudden, a strike of something went through my body. I was screaming in pain and Robotro was running to see what was going on. I got a strong red aura and these Flaming Dragons wrapped arounds my hands and broke the handcuffs and then I easily got out of the cage. Robotro was chasing me but I burned his body and a Flame Dragon took me to a Dragon Chamber or something. Since then I studied and trained both at the same time and got as strong as Dad and Vegeta, got the wisdom of Piccolo and Gohan and the speed of Vegito. I also kept having dreams and Robotro is always in them. But the day after I escaped from Robotro, when I went to bed, I heard a Deep Strong Voice talking to me. It said that I'm the Legendary Flaming Dragon Saiyan and I must train to find my hidden powers and then in 6 years to go find my father. I was looking all over for you, Dad, and I went to lots of different planets. When I was going towards Earth, Robotro's servants found me and I couldn't escape and then I crashed in Earth. Now my quest is to train with you guys and defeat Robotro!" Goku, Gohan, Goten, Chi-Chi, Pan and Videl all stared at Vishnu thinking of what he just said. "Thank you for the info Vishnu!", Goku said patting Vishnu on the back and smiling with a big grin. Gohan looked at Chi-Chi and got a little mad. "Mom, if you let me train when I got older, then I could of became like Vishnu! I could of became that smart and that strong! You're really lucky Vishnu but unlucky in a way.", Gohan said angrily to Chi-Chi. "Sorry Gohan, I never knew that could be possible.", Chi-Chi said sadly to Gohan. Chapter 4: The Triple-Way Fusion! Vishnu and Goku went outside to introduce Vishnu to everyone. (Vegeta, Trunks, Bulma, Bulla, Krillin, Dende, Mr.Popo, Android #18, etc.) First they flew over to Dende's Lookout and introduced Vishnu to Mr.Popo and Dende. Dende was surprised. Mr.Popo just said the usual "Nice to meet you". Vishnu and Goku told them the whole story. Next, they flew to Master Roshi's house and introduced Vishnu to Master Roshi, Turtle, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, Tien, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Android #18 and Marron. Krillin, Yamcha, Master Roshi and Tien were the ones that were really surprised. Vishnu and Goku told them the whole story again. Lastly, they flew to Capsule Corp. Vishnu and Goku walked over to Vegeta and Bulma's house. They knocked on the door and Bulma opened. "Hey Goku! Who's the little boy with you there?", Bulma asked. Vegeta and Trunks walked over to the door sensing the Huge Powerlevels. Bulla also came just to see who it was. "Hi, I'm Vishnu!", Vishnu said to all of them. Vishnu and Goku told Bulma, Vegeta, Trunks and Bulla the whole story. "Wow, that's amazing Goku. I can't believe you had another son!", Bulma said happy to hear the good news. "So...Another Saiyan. That Strong Powerlevel is obviously coming from you Kakarot, right?", Vegeta asked Goku. "No, you're wrong Vegeta, that strong powerlevel is coming from Vishnu!" "WHAT?! It can't be!" Vegeta yelled. "Remember when we told you the story, I said I trained and studied in the Dragon Chamber for 6 years continously.", Vishnu said calmly. "Anyways, Goku, Vegeta, I need to show you guys something in the Dragon Chamber that Goku's been to. That's the place I've been training at for 6 years. In The Dragon Chamber it was 2190 years which was really 6 years here. Now I can summon Firaga, the Flaming Dragon anytime to get to the Dragon Chamber. 10 people can enter unlike the Hyperbolic Time Chamber which only allows 2. I need to show you guys how to fuse. A Special way of fusion I learned from Firaga, The Flame Dragon, Spiraga, The Spirit Dragon and Darkrai, The Darkness Dragon. A Fusion, where Three can become One.", Vishnu said. Goku and Vegeta looked at Vishnu and their mouths dropped open. "That would be awesome Vishnu! A Triple Way Fusion would be unbeatable! But isn't the Spirit Dragon, Shenron?", Goku said excitedly. "Don't tell me it's another dance...", Vegeta said embarrased. Goku and Vishnu laughed and Vegeta's face turned more red. "You won't make me do that idiotic dance again! It's not for warriors...", Vegeta said angrily. Chapter 5: Goku and Vegeta's Dragons "You're right Goku, it is Shenron but Shenron doesn't have the max power to make you a Dragon Saiyan so there's another dragon called Spiraga. Let's get going, guys.", Vishnu said anxiously to Goku and Vegeta. "Ok, Vishnu, just call Firaga now so he can take us there.", Goku said excitedly to go in the Dragon Chamber again. "Firaga!" A Long Flaming Red Dragon emerged from the cloudy sky. "Hop on.", Vishnu said. Vishnu, Goku and Vegeta jumped onto Firaga, the Flame Dragon. Firaga went all the way up into the white fluffy clouds and kept going more up. "Hold on tight", Firaga said with his deep voice. Suddenly, Firaga went super fast all the way up and then stopped. "We're here", Firaga said landing. Vishnu, Goku and Vegeta got off of Firaga and entered the chamber. "It looks just like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber!", Vegeta said amazed. "So, how do we get our elements or dragons?", Goku asked curiously. "Let out your full power and think of all your past moments. Let out your anger and remember your fights with everyone. After that, show all of your abilities and the Dragon will choose you.", Firaga said. "You got it", Goku said. The room was silent, when all of a sudden, Goku and Vegeta screamed and unleashed all their powers. They turned into a Super Saiyan 4. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Goku wasn't able to do Spirit Bomb because he would need people to put their hands up. "FINAL SHINE!" "BIG BANG ATTACK!" "FINAL FLASH!" Goku and Vegeta were firing all their attacks and were fighting each other. Vishnu thought they were fighting to see which Dragon they would get but really Goku and Vegeta were only fighting because this is the fight that Vegeta was waiting for since a long time. "Finally the Match I've been waiting for Kakarot! Last one standing wins.", Vegeta said confidently. "We're equally matched Vegeta", Goku said punching Vegeta. There was a clash of punches and kicks and in the was a Draw. Goku and Vegeta both fell on the ground. "It's a Draw...", Vishnu said looking at their strength. Vishnu sensed 2 dragons coming. He looked back and it was Spiraga and Darkrai! "What a coincidence...Goku, Vegeta! You have Spiraga and Darkrai.", Vishnu shouted over to Goku and Vegeta. Spiraga went towards Goku and Darkrai went towards Vegeta. Spiraga saw that Goku had a Pure Heart and Darkrai saw in Vegeta's memories when he was evil, how tainted his heart was. Darkrai had to make Vegeta overcome Evil once again to learn Darkrai's powers. Chapter 6: The Fierce Power of Vishnu Goku and Vegeta got back up from their fight. "We're both completely equal Kakarot...We got a draw!", Vegeta said annoyed. Spiraga looked at Goku. Goku looked back at the long white dragon. "Goku, your heart is completely pure. I see that you have an attack called Spirit Bomb. That is one of my attacks...Infact, it is my weakest." Goku's jaw dropped down. "Weakest?! That's my strongest attack!", Goku said completely surprised. "Train with me young one, and I will teach you all I know." "Thanks a lot Spiraga!", Goku said excitedly wondering what kind of attacks he will learn. Vishnu looked at Firaga. "Firaga, is it time for you to train me now?" "Yes Vishnu, but first show me how much you've improved." Goku and Vegeta looked at Vishnu and Firaga to see how good Vishnu is in fighting. Vishnu screamed and charged. He had a red aura and flame was coming around him. His hair turned red and went up like a Super Saiyan except he was a Super Dragon Saiyan. There was also a short flame dragon wrapped around his hands. "FLAME DRAGON'S RAGE....KA...ME...HA...ME...HA!!", Vishnu screamed. A giant red beam with a flaming dragon wrapped around it shot out of Vishnu's hands. His hands were in the same way you put your hands to do Kamehameha. "Blazing Eruption!", Vishnu shouted. He put his hands up and then threw them down and Meteors on Fire fell down and landed everywhere. "Now for my Ultimate Attack." Vishnu transported up to the ceiling. He burned his hands and then the Dragons wrapped around his hands came out. Vishnu put his hands up and 2 tiny fireballs came above his hand. He picked them up and stuck them into his hands. "SUPER FLAME...", Vishnu Shouted. Then a giant flaming ball of energy came above his hands. The small dragons wrapped around them and Vishnu put his hands into the ball. He dashed towards the ground and then pulled his hands out. Then he threw it straight at the ground. "SUPER FLAME FIST UNITY BOMB!" The attack crashed right into the ground making the most hugest crater Goku, Vegeta, Vishnu, Firaga, Spiraga and Darkrai have ever seen in their whole life. Vishnu fell on the ground. He told them that he's exhausted and he was breathing heavily. "I haven't really mastered this technique and it takes a lot out of me.", Vishnu said breathing loudly. Firaga knew that Vishnu hasn't used all of his attacks yet so he healed Vishnu with Burning Heal. All of Vishnu's burns went away and he suddenly got back up a second after that. "Whoa, that healed me so fast!", Vishnu said full of energy. Firaga created a clone of himself with Fire Clone so Vishnu can use his attacks on him. Vishnu continued with his attacks, he had lots more and couldn't wait to show them. One of them was Burning Glacier which made fire around the Firaga Clone. Firaga Clone thought that Vishnu was dumb and just flew above the fire. Vishnu laughed and transported right above Firaga Clone and grabbed onto him. With his other hand, he shot fire which filled the whole area. Then, he grabbed on to Firaga's tail and spun him and threw him into the fire. Vishnu did another attack named Fierce Dragon Barrage. Vishnu's hands glowed red and the dragons went into Vishnu's palms, then they transformed into Dragon Claws. Then he dashed up to the Firaga Clone and scratched him with both of his sharp claws. His hands glowed red again and they turned back into Human Hands. He punched the Firaga clone in the stomach rapidly and smashed him down. Finally, he ended it with a ton of Red Ki Blasts and the Firaga Clone exploded. Goku and Vegeta were amazed at how strong Vishnu was and Firaga was impressed to see how much Vishnu's improved since they last met. It's almost been a day in the Dragon Chamber. Darkrai looked at Vegeta's eyes and sensed his good heart but his arrogance and his darkness before made Darkrai choose him. Chapter 7: Vegeta's Evil Personality "Vegeta, It's time for your test to begin.", Darkrai said with his deep cold voice. "Test? What do you mean Test? Don't you mean Training?!, Vegeta said arrogantly. "Time will come Vegeta, but first you need to pass this test to prove you're worthy!", Darkrai said impatiently. Darkrai touched Vegeta with his cold dry hands and black mist shot out at him. Vegeta screamed in pain. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM?!", Goku shouted to Darkrai. "Don't worry Goku, it's just a test.", Darkrai said to calm Goku down. Vegeta's scream finally ended and he laughed an evil laugh. "HAHAHAH! MY EVILNESS IS BACK! NOW I CAN DESTROY ALL OF YOU AND THE REST OF EARTH!", Vegeta said crazily with a dark black aura. "Prepare to Die!" Vegeta shot out Black Energy Blasts out of his hands towards Goku and Vishnu but they kept dodging. He started shooting volleys of them and more and more kept coming. It was getting hard for Goku and Vishnu to dodge. Vegeta's mind was clouded with darkness but it was like there was 2 personalities in him. One of them was the Evil side and the other was the Normal Vegeta trying to take control again. "Fight it Vegeta, You have to!", Goku screamed. "Arggghh! I'm trying Kakarot, but I can't! It's taking over my body...argghhhhh", Vegeta said struggling. Vegeta got an idea, he was thinking of all the Good times he had with Goku and his family. The Evil side was getting angry at that. "STOP YOU FOOL!", the Evil Vegeta said in Vegeta's mind. "NEVER! I have a Family and I have friends. I came to this chamber to train, not to turn back Evil again!" Vegeta almost broke free from the evil personality. "ARGGHH, CURSE YOU VEGETA! You're weak because you lack hatred.", The Evil Vegeta screamed in Vegeta's mind. "Shut Up Idiot. I'll never listen to you. Kakarot got stronger by having friends and family who cared for him and without Bulma, I could of never went SSJ4. Luckily, the Blutz Wave brought my Tail back so I can transform into a Super Saiyan 4 any time I want now. NOW GET OUT OF MY HEAD!", The Normal Vegeta said in his mind. Darkrai was reading Vegeta's thoughts and was very impressed. He put his hands back on Vegeta's shoulders and the darkness came out of him. "Well Done Vegeta, you passed the test. I'm very impressed with what you said to the Evil personality of you.", Darkrai said to Vegeta. "Said? I didn't say anything?!", Vegeta said Embarrased. "Why didn't anyone tell me he could read minds?", Vegeta said in his mind. "If I couldn't read minds, then I wouldn't know if you passed the test or not", Darkrai said laughing. "How do you feel Vegeta?", Goku asked curiously. Vegeta told him that he was fine and asked Darkrai when he can train him. "Don't be so impatient Vegeta, We're starting right now!", Darkrai yelled. Spiraga also told Goku it was time for his training to begin. "Awesome Spiraga! I can't wait to see what kind of attacks I'll learn!", Goku said excitedly. Chapter 8: The New Dragon Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta Vishnu was training with Firaga to learn more techniques like how to heal people. He was doing well in his progress. Vegeta was still being arrogant and impatient and Goku was just really excited to see his new attacks and techniques. Spiraga created a clone of himself with Spirit Clone so Goku can use his techniques on him. "First Goku, will be the Soul Strike. Focus your energy and the pureness of your heart into your hands and legs.", Spiraga said slowly to Goku. Goku focused and tried seeing if it worked. The first time he did it, his hands burned by the Energy. "Ow!", Goku said rubbing his hands. "You have to let your hands accept it. If they don't accept the energy then they will burn just like what happened now. Concentrate.", Spiraga explained to Goku. Goku concentrated and focused on transferring his energy to his hands and legs. He felt the power flowing through his body. Goku screamed and charges towards the Spiraga Clone. "SOUL STRIKE!", Goku screamed and the attack worked. Goku was exhausted from just that one attack. Spiraga walked to Goku and used his healing techniques, Soul Recovery. Goku's burnt on his hand healed and he got back up. "Awesome! It works better than a Senzu Bean!", Goku cheered. Spiraga made another clone of him because Soul Strike exploded the other one. "Good work Young One, now this next one will kind of be like a mixture of Kamehameha and Soul Strike. First do the same thing you did with Soul Strike but only focus your energy into your hands not your legs. After that, go into the stance of when you do Kamehameha.", Spiraga said calmly and slowly. Goku focused his energy into his hands once more. He concentrated and then went into the stance for Kamehameha. "This attack is Celestial Kamehameha. You have proven to become a Dragon Saiyan. Now take these white dragons to finish the attack.", Spiraga said happily. "Cool Thanks, Spiraga!", Goku said still in the stance for Celestial Kamehameha. The short white dragons floated over to Goku and wrapped around Goku's hands. Goku focused his energy all into his hands. The power flowed throughout his whole hands and the Celestial Kamehameha was coming out. "CELESTIAL", Goku said. The beam was coming out more. "KA...ME....HA...ME....HA!!!!!!!!", Goku shouted. The Celestial Kamehameha was bigger than a regular Kamehameha. It was a really light bluish colour/kind of white, and had a white dragon wrapped around it. It hit the Spiraga Clone and then the Spiraga Clone Exploded and nothing was left of it. "Wow! That was awesome! Thanks a lot Spiraga.", Goku said cheerfully. "Vegeta, try not turning evil but take out all the darkness from your heart and try mixing that with energy in your hand.", Darkrai explained to Vegeta. "How the heck do you expect me to do that? Whatever...I'll try.", Vegeta said arrogantly and angrily to Darkrai. Vegeta remembered his past moments of when he was evil, a saiyan elite, fighting Goku, When he turned into a Majin and all those other times. He tried taking the darkness from that and mixing it with energy. He kept trying and each time he got more mad. The more mad he got, the more darkness came. Darkrai fell asleep waiting for him. Then Vegeta got so mad that he had a black aura around him and the energy and darkness mixed together. "Ha! Finally, is this what you said to do Dragon?", Vegeta asked Darkrai. "Yes... it was...", Darkrai mumbled waking up. "Now focus that darkness energy into both of your hands like you would do for Final Flash.", Darkrai said now fully awake. Vegeta charged his dark energy all into his hands and fell down. The Power was too much for him but Vegeta got back up and tried again. He screamed and charged his full power all into his hands. He was about to fall again but Vegeta fought the pain. He jumped and kicked trying to fight the pain. The darkness was trying to take over his body again but Vegeta knew he could fight it. He thought of Bulma, Trunks, Bulla and Goku again and didn't feel the pain anymore. He absorbed all the pain and the darkness and he felt great. He had a dark black aura around his hands. Vegeta stretched his hands out like when he charges Final Flash. Darkrai created a clone of himself with Shadow Clone for Vegeta to attack. "Your arrogance finally made you a Dragon Saiyan. Take these Black Dragons.", Darkrai said laughing at first. The small black dragons flew out of Darkrai's hands and wrapped around Vegeta's. "This attack is Final Darkness. Now, Unleash it!", Darkrai yelled. Vegeta's hands were getting darker, the beam was glowing around his hands. "ARGGHHH....FINAL.....DARKNESS!", Vegeta screamed. The huge black beam with a black dragon wrapped around it shot right out of Vegeta's hands straight through Darkrai Clone's body. The Darkrai Clone exploded with nothing of him left. Now the training was getting immense. Vishnu was training with Firaga and learned new attacks like Dragon's Flame Inferno and Fist of the Immortal Dragon's Flames. Dragon's Flame Inferno was a strong move where Vishnu gets fire all over his body, He dashes up to the opponent and punches them in the face, to the stomach, and then drop kicks them. After, he shoots a volley of Flame Ki Blasts at the opponent. Fist of the Immortal Dragon's Flames was an extreme move that also hurts Vishnu until he masters it. An aura of flame goes around Vishnu. His legs and hands glow with the Legendary Dragon's Fire. His right hand turns into a Flaming Dragon and he dashes up to the opponent. The Flaming Dragon goes through the opponent's stomach. He also learned the Burning Heal technique. Goku's training with Spiraga was going really well, he learned ultimate attacks. His strongest was Celestial Heaven's Bomb. It's a way stronger White Spirit Bomb with the Spirit Dragon all wrapped around it. It's really huge and doesn't need people to share their energy, Goku gathers up the heaven's energy all into a giant ball and fires it. He also got attacks like Spirit of The Immortal Dragon's Soul and Thunderous Kamehameha. Spirit of the Immortal Dragon's Soul is like Fist of the Immortal Dragon's Flames but Goku calls upon all Dragon Ancestors to give him their power, then he takes their power, and fires it in an almighty punch ended with a beam. Thunderous Kamehameha, is a Giant Yellow Kamehameha with lightning strikes around it and when it hits the opponent, they get paralyzed. Vegeta got Darkness of the Immortal Dragon's Shadow, Necro Eclipse and Shadow Shine. Shadow Shine is like Vegeta's Final Shine but is more darker, stronger, and better. Vegeta gets the ability to stop people from moving any parts of their body by just stepping on their shadow. Then he unleashes the fury of Shadow Shine, an ultimate Black Beam of energy which the opponent can't escape from. Then Vegeta fires it at the opponent and they get blinded for a while. Darkness of the Immortal Dragon's Shadow is Vegeta's body is hided in Darkness and the opponent sees multiples of him just laughing crazily and then when the opponent gets scared/freaked out, all of the Vegeta's in the shadows, fire a Final Darkness. Necro Eclipse is Vegeta makes the area get all dark which makes the opponent not able to see, Vegeta uppercuts them and then smashes them down, in the air he fires a Dark Liquid attack which poisons the opponent making them hurt. Chapter 9: The Legendary Dark Flaming Spirit Dragon Saiyan Fusion, Vishkugeta! Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks were looking for the dragonballs since the dragonballs came back when Goku came back. Goku told them that Shenron said that the Shadow Dragons are defeated for good and new ones won't be born. They already found 6 and they were looking for the last one. They ended up in Nataday Village (The village where they found the last dragonball when they were kids and Broly was there) and they looked everywhere for it. They looked under rocks inside people's houses, behind bushes, etc. The Dragon Radar pointed left, they walked left, then it pointed up and they walked up and bumped into a door. They got back up and opened the door. There was nobody in it. They noticed it looked exactly like the Village Priest's house who had the dragonball from before. There was 4 jars, one on each corner. Goten looked in the Bottom Right Corner, Trunks looked at the Top Left Corner and Bottom Left Corner and there was nothing there. Then they both walked over to the Top Right corner and found a little dragonball sitting inside it. They took it out and flew all the way back to Dende's Lookout and showed all 7 to Dende. "Rise Shenron!", Dende yelled. Shenron came out of the dragonball. "I WILL GRANT 2 OF YOUR WISHES.", Shenron said in his loud deep voice. "Make a New Hyperbolic Time Chamber where 10 people can enter at a time!!", Goten said greedily. "OKAY. WHAT IS YOUR SECOND WISH?", Shenron asked. "Make Goku, Dad and Vishnu have ultimate power that's enough to beat Robotro!", Trunks said. "YOUR WISHES HAVE BEEN GRANTED. FAREWELL", Shenron said while disappearing. Goten and Trunks walked over to the Newly Formed Hyperbolic Time Chamber. They started training in there. Gohan was training with Pan and Videl and Uub was teaching Bulla how to train. The only reason Bulla was training was because Bulma forced her because Vegeta wanted her to. *Flashback* "Bulla, your dad told me that he wants you to get training or he'll get very mad at you.", Bulma said to Bulla normally. "But Why Mom?! Shopping is way more better, I've never understanded why Dad and Trunks liked fighting in the first place!", Bulla complained. "Just go train with Uub! He'll teach you. If you don't go training, Vegeta will be getting mad at me for not making you train and you for liking shopping more!", Bulma said worried. "Fine Mom...", Bulla mumbled walking out the door. *Flashback over* Uub was teaching Bulla how to fly since she only knew how to fly when Baby Vegeta controlled her. "....And that's all you need to know to fly", Uub explained. In the New Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goten and Trunks were training hard. They really wanted to ascend to a Super Saiyan 2. "Hey, Goten, wanna try Fusion again?", Trunks asked. "Fusion? Sure, the last time we did it was when we were kids!", Goten exclaimed. Goten and Trunks got ready to do the fusion dance. "FU....SION...HA!", Goten and Trunks both said. *Poof!* They turned into a giant fat Adult Gotenks. He was so fat, that a crack came on the floor of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The Fat Gotenks fell down. After 5 minutes, he defused. "OK, Let's try that again", Goten said. "FU....SION...HA!", Goten and Trunks both said again. Their bodies merged together and created Gotenks! "Ha! This feels great! Time to work out my ghost army", Gotenks cheered. In The Dragon Chamber, Vishnu suggested to show the new Triple Way Fusion. "Back to the Triple Way Fusion, it is different than the normal fusion dance. They can be any age, and one of them can be a different height.", Vishnu explained. "Don't tell me you still have to do that stupid dance", Vegeta complained. "Vegeta, I don't see how it's embarrasing", Goku laughed. "Sorry Vegeta, it is another "stupid dance" and there is also another way that isn't a dance," "There is?! Let's do that one!", Vegeta interuppted. "but you'll be weaker than Hercule", Vishnu finished off his sentence and then bursting into laughter. Goku also started laughing. "ARGGHHHH...Fine...Show how you do the stupid dance.", Vegeta said arrogantly. "It's alot like Fusion Dance", Vishnu explained. "And when I say alot, I mean it's mostly exactly the same thing except all 3 of you need to be the same race and there's only 2 races you can turn into. Dragon Saiyan and an Android but you have to die and let someone build you again to become an Android so the only possible one is Dragon Saiyan and we're already a Dragon Saiyan. So all of us need to turn into a Super Dragon Saiyan right now.", Vishnu said nice and clear. "Got it", Goku said. Vishnu, Goku and Vegeta let out their power and charged to their Ultimate Max Power. They screamed and Vishnu's hair went up like a Super Saiyan 2 but it turned red and his eyebrows turned red. Goku got white hair and white eyebrows and Vegeta got a Grayish-Black hair and Grayish-Black eyebrows. Vishnu got a flaming red aura, Goku got a misty white aura and Vegeta got a dark black aura. "The 2 people that are the same height start off with the normal Fusion dance and say "FU...SION....HA", which are you guys. The person that's shorter which is me has to fly upside down above you guys and make my fingers touch yours. Right when we say "HA", we all say "TRIPLE". We can also do this fusion when we go SSJ4 but the Dragon Saiyan one is more stronger.", Vishnu explained. Goku and Vegeta got in their position to do the Fusion dance and Vishnu flew above them upside down watching. Goku and Vegeta did the poses and said "FU...SION...". Then when they said "HA", They all put their fingers together and said "TRIPLE", but Vishnu's finger slipped and he lost his balance and fell down and they fused. *Poof* Vishnu, Goku and Vegeta turned into a Fat fusion called Vekuta. He looked like Veku (The fat fusion of Gogeta) but a little different. He still had memories of running away from Janemba even though he was a new person and got scared and thought he was still running away from him. He started running like crazy around the whole Dragon Chamber. Then he fell down getting tired and defused. "That didn't go out so well...", Vishnu said sadly. "Well, if it wasn't for you FALLING!", Vegeta yelled. "You try flying upside down with your fingers out like that!", Vishnu argued back. "Now, Now, Stop Arguing guys. Let's try that again.", Goku said calmly. Goku and Vegeta got back in the pose to perform fusion and Vishnu flew above them upside down. "FU...SION...HA", Vishnu, Goku and Vegeta said. They put their fingers together. "TRIPLE!", they yelled. A shining light of Red, White and Black merged together. The Ultimate Warrior stepped out. He had a mix of a White, Red and Black aura. "I am Neither Vishnu, Goku, Nor Vegeta! I am Vishkugeta!", The Ultimate Fusion said. It's been a year (in the Dragon Chamber) and Vishkugeta decided he should exit the Dragon Chamber because he was confident to beat Robotro. When Vishnu, Goku and Vegeta fuse and become Vishkugeta, Firaga, Spiraga and Darkrai also fuse and become Flamesoulrai. "Flamesoulrai!", Vishkugeta shouted. A Long Dark Dragon with a Bright Aura emerged from Vishkugeta (since he's part of his soul). Vishkugeta got on top of Flamesoulrai and they flew all the way down back to Earth. Gohan was training Pan and Videl hard and was doing his best because Pan wanted to go Super Saiyan. Gohan was unsure if a Girl can even go Super Saiyan or if Pan can since she's a Quarter Saiyan. Right now, he was teaching Videl how to master shooting ki blasts and firing beams. Videl tried a lot but the ki blasts were still really weak and faded away. Sometimes even puff of smoke kept coming out. Pan kept trying going Super Saiyan by thinking of destruction coming and everyone dying. She felt the rage coming but nothing happened except she only got a yellow aura. "Pan, let out your anger, think that Baby or Omega Shenron was back and they killed me and all your friends and family. Imagine that I'm dead, your mom's dead, your grandpa's dead and everyone else like your grandma, Uncle Goten, Vegeta, Trunks, Bulma", Gohan said desperately. Pan suddenly got really mad, she screamed and she had a really bright yellow aura. Then she fell down and was catching her breath. Then she let out a big sigh. "Sorry Pan, but I don't think Girls can go Super Saiyan.", Gohan said sadly. Pan whined but she said she wouldn't give up and tried again. She thought of Baby, Super 17, And Omega Shenron coming back and killing everyone except her so she can live her whole life in misery. This time she might of actually had a chance of turning into a Super Saiyan, Her aura was even brighter and Gohan sensed her power levels. She screamed, and the rocks on the ground came up, A small crater came below her. Gohan and Videl were really surprised. Then she felt it, her hair got a little longer and turned yellow. Her eyes also turned blue and she got a huge increase in power level. "Yay! I did it! See dad, girls can turn into a Super Saiyan.", Pan cheered jumping up and down. "Hehehe......", Gohan laughed. The power of a Super Saiyan was too much for Pan and she couldn't sustain it for long. Suddenly, Gohan, Pan and Videl sensed a huge power level similar to Goku, Vegeta and Vishnu's coming towards them. Gotenks also sensed it even though he was in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. "That Powerlevel, It's amazing!", Gohan exclaimed. Gohan looked up and saw a figure on a long dragon coming down. Flamesoulrai landed down softly and Vishkugeta hopped off. "Hey Gohan, Videl, Pan. I'm Vishkugeta, the fusion of Goku, Vegeta and Vishnu!", Vishkugeta said proudly. Gohan was about to talk but then Vishkugeta defused. "We're back to normal!", Goku said. Videl finally shot a powerful ki blast but it shot at Vegeta. "What was that for?!", Vegeta yelled looking at Videl. "Oops Sorry Vegeta, I was trying how to master shooting ki blasts and I finally did!", Videl said happily. "Whatever", Vegeta said not paying attention. Chapter 10: Dr. Nero and Robotro Meanwhile in Capsule Corp. "You're fired.", A Lady working in Capsule Corp said. "What? Why?", The man asked. "We saw your criminal records. You're here disguised, thief.", The Woman said spitting on the ground. The Man knocked the lady out cold and transported back to his lab. The man took off his disguise and showed his true identity. On his shirt, was RR (standing for Red Ribbon). *Flashback* "Gero, I found a teenage boy and girl.", the Man said. "Thank you Nero, my brother, I could turn these 2 into androids. I feel sorry for them, don't you", Dr. Gero said laughing. Dr.Gero did all the dirty work and killed the young boy and girl and turned them into androids. Those Androids were Android 17 and 18. Dr.Nero sensed that the androids might betray Dr.Gero so he flew back to his secret lab, waiting for the perfect time to unleash the Ultimate Android. *Flashback Over* Dr.Nero walked up to the pod that an Android was in. He picked up a remote control and pressed a button on it. The door on the pod opened up. "Robotro, you can come out now. I have made you stronger so you can beat that brat Vishnu who escaped a few days ago!", Dr.Nero exclaimed. "Thank you Doctor, let's tell Compro, Phonero and Televisro, my servants to go face Vishnu and his friends for now. Until then, I'm going to train in the new Hyperbolic Time Chamber in HFIL, when that dumb boy Goten wished for it in the real world, he didn't know that the wishes will also be granted in HFIL.", Robotro snickered. Dr.Nero told Android 3, 4 and 5 (Compro, Phonero and Televisro) to go to Earth and find Vishnu and his friends. Meanwhile, Uub was having a hard time teaching Bulla and was getting annoyed. She already learned how to fly but now she couldn't fire ki blasts. Only smoke came out. In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gotenks learned how to fire a 100,000x Super Kamikaze Ghost Army. He got more stronger and was more mature unlike when he was young. Pan wanted to transform into a Super Saiyan again but she couldn't. It took too much power out of her when she transformed the first time. "This might help.", Vishnu said excitedly. Vishnu walked up to Pan and used his Burning Heal technique that he learned in the Dragon Chamber. Pan suddenly jumped back up. "Wow! I feel great! Thanks!", Pan said smiling happily. Bulla finally did a Ki Blast but it was really weak when it hit Uub, it just felt like paper touching him. Her punches and kicks were only a little stronger than Hercule. Bulla actually started to like training and Uub was getting fed up training her. "You can train by yourself now, I have to go somewhere", Uub said about to fly away. "Where?", Bulla asked suspiciously. Uub looked around if there was somewhere he can hide from Bulla but the whole place was just an empty grassland so he transported to where Gohan, Pan, Videl, Goku, Vishnu and Vegeta was. "Where is that immense powerlevel coming from", Uub asked looking at each one of them. "Goku? Vishnu? Vegeta?", Uub asked. "It's all of us!", Goku said. Vishnu, Goku and Vegeta sensed something coming. They had sharp dragon instincts now and they can sense something coming from a really far distance. The powerlevel was big, and it seemed as though the thing was right next to them. Goku, Vegeta and Vishnu looked up to the sky and noticed something coming beside the sun. "What are you looking at?", Gohan asked them. Gohan, Uub, Videl and Pan looked up at the sky but the sun's rays were too strong and blinded them. They closed their eyes and looked away. "How do you look at the sun like that?!", Pan asked amazed. "We have the eyes, the power and the instinct of Legendary Dragons. Our eyes are powerful enough not to get blinded.", Vishnu explained. A noise was coming from the sky. The figure got closer and Vishnu noticed it looked exactly like the spaceship Robotro's Servants have, the ones that made him crash to Earth! The ship was coming closer, closer, Vishnu was remembering the rage of when Robotro captured him, the rage which when Compro, Televisro and Phonero made Vishnu crash, the rage was flowing through his body. The power of flames was going around him. Firaga felt this power, he felt the rage and strength flowing within Vishnu. Vishnu screamed and a red aura went around him. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Videl and Pan all looked at Vishnu. "What's Wrong?!", Goku asked worried. Vishnu looked like he turned into a Super Dragon Saiyan but he was stronger, faster, taller. It looks like he grew about an inch or so, and his hair also grew. He had flaming red hair like when he's a Super Dragon Saiyan and his aura was more bright red than ever. "I am an Ascended Super Dragon Saiyan. Or simply just a Super Dragon Saiyan 2.", Vishnu said with a voice much like SSJ2 Teen Gohan. Vishnu rose up to the sky and flew towards the spaceship. He jumped above the spaceship and reached his hands out. He smashed the spaceship and it tumbled all the way down and exploded. Phonero, Compro and Televisro came out with scratches. *Cough* *Cough* "You will pay for that Vishnu....YOU WILL PAY! HEHEHE!", Televisro said crazily. Televisro was like a TV. His mood/actions change when he changes the channel. "Shut up you fool", Compro yelled at Televisro. "BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!", Phonero yelled at maximum volume of the Speakerphone. "What's up with them?", Goku asked thinking those were the dumbest villains he's ever seen. "Whatever, let's just let them argue", Vishnu said laughing. "I bet they're not even worth our time", Vegeta said looking away. "That time they were hard for me to beat but after all this training, trust me they must be easy", Vishnu said after he stopped laughing. The 3 androids kept arguing and Vishnu, Goku and Vegeta kept waiting. Meanwhile in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goten and Trunks got way stronger. They also finally ascended to a Super Saiyan 2. They walked towards the door and exited the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. "That was some harsh training", Goten said more mature. "It sure was. We finally ascended to a Super Saiyan 2.", Trunks said happily. Click Here to see the rest: Credits: Vishkugeta Furyfighter11 Flaming Gohan super!android17 VBG Dbfan Jin Kazama L Lawliet Lightning Strike Dbzmaster28 Forgive-Me Flame Alchemist Dark_nesss