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Gender: Female

Location: Durem

Birthday: 04/09

Occupation: Writer


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Event Journal: September 26, 2012

Hello, fellow Gaians.

I am Fiorella Carbone, a Dark Elf of Durem. I have lived on the surface my entire life, with my humble family and higher-than-average wealth, so I know not the troubles of my kin. I have learned through my experiences, however, that our race has been discriminated against, forcing us underground to create our own society. I understand why radical groups like the Kuro Gang exist.

From what I've heard throughout my years, the Kuro Gang's head, Luca, was once a benevolent and kind person. He had the purest ambitions for peace and equality between all races. Although he was an outlaw, he was respected by all.

However, in recent years, his dream of peace has been morphing into a lust for power. He has begun fighting for world dominance, going so far as to attack and/or kill demi-gods in an attempt to murder Johnny K. Gambino's son and only heir, Gino. He is threatening and manipulating several Vampires and Dark Elves to his bidding, including Zhivago, the assassin who was once loyal to Vladimir Von Helson. He even attempted to kill the Vampires' King and Von Helson's son by bombing H&R Wesley. If this had succeeded, it would have killed several innocent humans as well.

Luca is making enemies quickly. The Vampires have begun to fight back after the Kuro Gang threatened the life of their King, thereby threatening the clan altogether.

The war is only beginning. After listening to the complaints and reports of both Dark Elves and Vampires, I've deduced that in the next few months, Luca and the Kuro Gang will be demonstrating their power in order to eliminate opposition. If not by fear, then they will destroy the competition by force.

As a Dark Elf, I had once admired Luca for his dream. But now, he is nothing more than a power-hungry, spoiled brat. I do not know what he has experienced to cause his descent into near-insanity, but when you have lived as long as him, you may begin to understand why.

I am a simple reporter and writer; and though I may side with the Vampires in this upcoming war, I will not tell you which side to choose. I understand that many Dark Elves have been forced in the shadows, and are awaiting their revenge. I also understand that there are some Vampires, Humans and other people out there that sympathize with the Dark Elves. Either way, I have told the Dark Elves' story -- it is up to you whether to believe it or not.

Thank you for your time, and good luck -- whichever side you are leaning towards.

- F. Carbone.


About F. Carbone:

Fiorella Carbone was born, raised, and currently lives in Durem. Her exact age is a secret, although her birthday has been revealed to be April 3rd. She is a Dark Elf of the surface world, and is currently supporting the Vampires by working as a volunteer at the blood bank, and also by speaking to Kuro Gang supporters to better understand their current beliefs. She reports her findings in secret to the Vampire support groups, hoping for the groups to reach a consensus and stop the fighting.




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