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sometimes i'll post up pesterlog rps on my profile if i like them enough.

they're mostly dave/jade and dave/john. uvu


poops on everyone.

rp pesterlog 1

TG: hey man is it alright
TG: if i take the time to admire your eyes

EB: oh my god dave don't you dare start rapping!
TG: theyre blue like electric
TG: pulling out thunder from my brain
TG: i cant hear my own heartbeat
TG: you make me act so lame

EB: you do that just fine on your own.
TG: egbert i am trying to woo you stop ruining my beat
EB: what beat this is like reading sappy third grade love poems.
TG: like kids in the schoolyard innocence is ours
TG: this game aint nothing to us were kings of this town
TG: the trolls are like static in the background
TG: i dont give a s**t this stuff is elastic
TG: im not scared of jack
TG: but im scared of the scratch
TG: can i memorize the blue in your eyes
TG: id do anything to turn back time

EB: dave....
TG: i want to rule the world with you
TG: just a little longer

EB: that didn't even ryhme.
TG: i know


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hey. i'm 18 and i am a female and i like to dress up like 13 year old boys. don't judge me these are my life choices. o also, my official nickname is 2% milk. i won't answer to any other name .
um, i like saying butts and making bad puns. i also like to homestuck.

i like:
• supernatural
• smallville
• homestuck
• rp
• merlin
• fluff
• legend of korra
• bolin
• hot yaois
• jake’s butt
• no seriously look at that plush rump mmmmm
• saying kawaii and sugoi and desu for ironic purposes
• making new friends
• fanfiction
• honey mustard
• cats
• you
• hot tea
• cheesy pick-up lines and jokes
• dirk’s butt
• ooc chats

random things about me that may be important:
• i live on a meteor in space.
• i have a really short attention span.
• i keyboard smash.
• a lot.
• i think i’m funny but i’m really not……..
• i say things like spiffy and nifty and other obnoxious things just warning you sometimes i talk like i live in the 70s or some s**t……..
• i am incredibly inappropriate.
• i cosplay.
• yeah just gonna…….put that out there……
• i type like a tool. yep.
• i like bullet points a lot ok.
• i tend to ramble. quite often actually. i do this in real life too.
• i am the typo queen.
• i’m married to spell check. uvu
• i use text faces a lot
• sex sex sex sex sex sex.
• i like to complain. half-heartedly.
• i take very few things seriously.
• i abuse GIF reactions.
• thug life.
• um.
• i can’t think of anything else.
• ollies out into space……….„