i got hacked i need to get my stuff back plz donate

The things i need:
70s jacket
70s shirt
90s pants
90 gloves


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Mocca chi

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Mocca chi

crying eek
Mocca chi

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Mocca chi

heart xp
Mocca chi

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Mocca chi


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thx for buying heart

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Hiruhi Natsume

Report | 12/29/2008 8:51 pm

Hiruhi Natsume

omfg do i know u?? why u in my friendlist? XD dumb questuon...i have a bad memory ...srry ..refresh it plizz who are u???

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O.M.G I'm so ******** bored.......grrrr.......how u like my pro....

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Hey wuts up...i'm heartbroken...a dip s**t cheated on me..

The worst thing is...he said he would never cheat on me

and that he cheated on me for the whole time we were

going out....one ******** year!!!!!!!!! Man is his life going

to suck more then it does now......
hottie from the past

Report | 10/01/2008 8:00 pm

hottie from the past

hey wats up

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Message Anne was

chatting on

her YM

when someone

named Marco Mist added her.

She accepted the invitation.

Ann cutehus ds?

Marco Mist di mo ako kilala?

Ann cute di po e

Ann cute cno po 2?

Marco Mist sus kunwari ka pa

Ann cute cno nga 2?!

Marco Mist ann

Marco Mist wag

Marco Mist ka

Marco Mist na

Marco Mist magkunwari

Ann cute kulit mo din noh?

Marco Mist si marco to

Ann cute cnong marco?

Marco Mist ah so kinalimutan mo na ko?

Ann cute cno ka ba tlga?!

Marco Mist marco.

Marco Mist Marco I. Melionza

Ann cute Marco?!

Marco Mist at last

Ann cute OMG!

Ann cute wag mo nga ako lokohin!

Ann cute patay na si marco e!

Marco Mist kaya nga e.

Marco Mist miss na miss na kita ann

Marco Mist miss na miss

Ann cute hindi na to nkktawa

Ann cute cno 2? jordan? mike?

Ann cute wag nau kau mgkunwari!

Ann cute

Marco Mist ann ako nga to

Marco Mist gus2 mo magwebcam pa ko?

Ann cute cge ba

Marco turned on his webcam

An n cute O

Ann cute M

Ann cute G

Marco Mist kita mo na?

Ann cute imposible!

Ann cute nkita kitang nasagasaan!

Marco Mist ...

Ann cute so hndi k tlga ptay?

Marco Mist patay

Ann cute wtf?!?!

Ann cute linawin mo nga

Marco Mist bumalik ako pra sau

Marco Mist mhal prin kita ann

Ann cute marco may bf na ko

Ann cute si noel

Afte r that, Marco stopped replying and

his webcam was paused.

But Marco still hasn't signed out.

Ann didn't close Marco's webcam just in

case Marco broadcasts again.

BU ZZ!!!


Ann buzzed 2 times

Still no reply

All of a sudden Marco's webcam was on


I t showed Marco, his head ed


bleed ing, his whole body full of cuts

and open wounds.

Marco looked the et same way he did

when he was hit by a truck.

Ann froze in shock

All of a sudden Marco replied

M arco Mist so hindi mo na ako mahal?

Ma rco signed out

Ann's computer turned off by itself

Ann's phone rang

Ann Hello?

Jordan Ann, bad news.

Ann Ha? Ano?

Jordan Si Noel.

Ann Ano nangyari kay Noel?!

Jordan Nasagasaan siya ng truck.

Ann (cries)

Jordan Hello? Ann?

Ann Nasaan siya?

Jordan Nasa ********.

Ann Papunta na ko.

Jordan Ok.

Ann went to ******** Hospital.

Jor dan leaded her to Noel's hospital


**the hospital name has been censored

for privacy**

Jordan I think kailangan muna kita

iwanan dito.

Ann Yah. Thanks ah.

Jorda n left Ann with Noel.

Ann Noel, wag ka mawala. Dati si


ngay on ikaw. Wag naman o.

Ann hears footsteps from outside.

She turns around.

To her shock, she sees a y Marco

standing there by the door.

Ann screamed.

Ann lost her consciousness.

Wh en Ann woke up, she was lying down


a hospital bed.

Ann Ano nangyari?

Jordan Hinimatay ka.

Ann Wow.

Jordan Akala nga namin kung ano na

nangyari sayo e.

Ann Yeah. But, I think ready na ako


Jor dan Sige. Tawagin ko lang si doc.

Jord an leaves.

Blood y Marco appears in front of Ann.

Marc o Masaya ka na?

Ann Ano ba Marco?!

Marco Kung hindi mo ako kaya mahalin,

wala ka nang ibang mamahalin pa!

Ann Marco patay ka na!

Marco Pati si Noel!

Ann Wala kang kwenta!

Marco (laughs)

Marco disappeared and Ann started

laughing like crazy.

When Jordan returned with the doctor,

they were both shocked to see Ann,

laughing, trying to hurt everyone she


Since then, Ann has lost her mind and

got checked in a mental hospital.

Ann has never stopped laughing ever


Marco has never forgiven Ann for


a new guy.

And Marco has promised that anyone who