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I am god.
I'm an adult. Working, lol i only get on here to dress up my funny character.
I like to be alone, but I don't fancy being lonely.
1/7/21: i miss you so much dad. please make sure to save a spot for us.

discord: I change my name too often, just ask.

gaia_angelleft met my love 8/3/15; forever my other half. gaia_angelright
Can you believe it's been almost 5 years now...

I had a lot of people send me art over the years and some links are broken. I'm sorry!


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AndreaIsNotDead Report | 01/10/2021 8:37 am
Thank you for your purchase! heart sweatdrop
umaybearies Report | 09/21/2020 12:37 am
thanks for buying 3nodding
Sakura Kotoni Report | 08/18/2020 4:56 am
Sakura Kotoni
Thanks for buying~ heart
Saved Tabs Report | 03/01/2020 9:29 pm
Saved Tabs
Thank you for the item!
Bing_x3 Report | 08/29/2019 9:44 pm
Cute avi♡
OtakuKat Report | 08/27/2019 8:12 pm
Thanks for buying 3nodding
NakedUnicornSexParty Report | 02/12/2019 8:32 pm
Thank you for your purchase heart
KanaeKaszim Report | 01/23/2019 12:33 am
gaia_angelleft Thanks for the purchase=^.,.,.^= gaia_angelright
Waffle King Richard Report | 01/16/2019 11:30 pm
Waffle King Richard
I have indeed. In my case, Gaia.
Waffle King Richard Report | 01/09/2019 10:20 pm
Waffle King Richard
Hope that you are doing well today. smile Just resting up before heading into the hospital 75 miles away for an early procedure to have a chest port put in my chest so as to ensure that the nurses going forward don't struggle to find a working vein when I get my infusions every six weeks from now on. =^.^=


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hi, call me fiji
ya wanna really open up, drink some of that dayquil vapocool.
still waiting for part 8 to update.


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