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Dear Fag.
I've quit GaiaOnline
Because it's a site filled with autism,
Yet, for some odd reason Kodiat comes here for some reason. So I'll keep this account active
I'm on 1 hour a week
Mostly browsing through the 9gag/reddit Gaian Forums


I don't have a name
I don't have an age
Ask me for my skype
-A little about me-
I'm a sh*tty person.
I hate myself in every way possible, even though I heard I'm a nice guy.
I never forget so I am literally haunted by my past.
I'm into pans not pansexuals but literal frying pans.
I love to cook.
I mostly spend a majority of my time playing games and what not.

Please leave a
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Fidel Cashbro

He's an ass but i love 'em