Well, what to say...
Not much really.
I'm an armchair historian and epicurean who is the veteran of more battles than he would care to recall.
I am not afraid to take a stand for what I believe, however, I tend to believe that people aught be left to their own devices, and be allowed their freedom so long as it does not infringe on the freedoms of others.
I am an idealist. I know my passions are not the way the world works, and that I am by turns painfully naive, and horribly obstinate. However, I will not bend knee. The mere possibility that things could be better is reason enough for me to not give ground.
I like the basics in life, food, drink, and good cheer.
I am quick to offer friendship, and it has not bit me in the fourth point of contact enough yet to make me regret it.
I am more want to wander off in the woods or to the beach than I am to be indoors.
If you have questions, feel free to ask, altho you might not always like the answer.


Still Tilting at Windmills

Updated Sporadicly

Well, I've never really kept one of these online, so I hope it turns out OK..... Mostly it'll just be little ol' me talking to myself, and making snide comments I'd never dream of putting in M&R....


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Thx whee

hey if u are seeing this please don't misout my youtube Updates everyday.

At my profile


or erease please
Dain Maxwell

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Dain Maxwell

Strega Della Notte

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Strega Della Notte

wow ... it's been a while sense I left a comment so um ... hello ... hope all is going well for you ^ ^
poker your face

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poker your face

srry nothing to say just in it for the mony
Strega Della Notte

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Strega Della Notte

I know ^^
it's very adorable tho
Strega Della Notte

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Strega Della Notte

awwww the turtle is hibernating again ^^
so cute
Maelstrom of Dreams

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Maelstrom of Dreams

Well my friend I must be off. My back is hurting so I am going to get off.
Strega Della Notte

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Strega Della Notte

I'm going to lay down and relax for the night
I really need to get on more
I miss talking to you
good night my friend
Strega Della Notte

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Strega Della Notte

that sucks
so sorry
as if I could change it lolz


With every passing moment the future is slaying the past.