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Updated 06.10.10

All you need to know about me;
I'm a Korean-born girl married to Choi Minhwan.
He's the only object of my affection. Him and my friends.
I'm jaded & I don't take s**t from anyone.
So don't ever think you're something special.
I left Gaia because it got childish and I grew busy.
I'm aiming for the Ivy Leagues. But I'm expected to fall.
I admire the brave. I admire the shameless.

- - - Everything below is old information before my hiatus - - -

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Takara/Right-Handed. ( ゚д゚)

THS :: Almost a senior now. Not that exciting.
Height: 5'6" Last time I checked. | Born: 2/26
Favorite Genre of Music: Korean Pop
Favorite Food: Korean/Italian/American
Hobbies/Pastimes: Music, Internet, Gaming, Drawing, Photoshop, etc.

I'm 226% Korean.
I've got unhealthy fandoms over many things. And they change like... once a month. Or week pending.
Currently, I'm addicted to the B/C shops, Manga, and Disney.
B/C Shops: SoA; Finders, Keepers; Jokoa'
Manga: Koukou Debut, Double Arts, Fairytale, Shinobi Life, etc.
Disney: The Lion King, Hercules, Aladdin

So. My friend's tell me I have like. A bazillion BF and Husbands. (LIEZ btw.)
Yeah. Most of these are either
A} Real, but impossible. (i.e. Celebrities)
B} Non-existent, still impossible. (i.e. Bishies)
C} Or dead. Again, impossible. (i.e. Buster Keaton)
8D But I'm not discouraged! -shotshot-

I also enjoy roleplaying so invite me when I'm on sometime! x3
Though I may not be able to as often nowadays. :/
I roleplay my PETS moar nao. Ahurhur...

Takara likes --}
Good grades. Literacy. Sarcasm. EDB/SSPC. B/C SHOPS.
HALCALI, Home Made Kazoku, UVERworld, Bennie K, etc.
Messenger Bags. iPod. :3 Roleplaying. Nintendo DS.
Korean Game Shows: Love Letter, Happy Together, etc.
Anime characters to a bare minimum. Pffft.
Digimon & Pokemon. 8D Choi Minhwan = <3

Takara dislikes --}
Shots (Needles) - pointy things in general. Playstation. Stereotypes.
Pop-ups. Runescape. Hackers, Emo, Goth, etc. Racism. :/
Being physically clung to multiple times a day.
Homework, projects and chemistry/biology/SATs. >>;

Takara's Wishlist --}
Breedable/Customizable Pets from SoA, Jokoa', F/C
Avvie Art
Western Zodiac / Shadow Spirit / Angelbow
Plumeria Headpiece

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