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Name: Tifa Lockhart
Japanese Name: Tifa Rokkuhāto
Weapon: Knuckles (Weapon)
Ultimate Weapon: Premium Heart
Occupation: Bar Hostess, AVALANCHE Member
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Date of Birth: May 3 1987
Age: 15 (Crisis Core)
20 (Final Fantasy VII)
22 (Advent Children)
23 (Dirge of Cerberus)
Height: 5' 4" (167 cm), 5'5"
Blood Type: B


Tifa was born in Nibelheim and was Cloud's next-door neighbor. She was out-going, lively and had many friends. Although she and Cloud lived right next to each other, and were only a year apart in age, they were never close. Tifa's mother died when Tifa was eight years old in 1995, leaving her upset and confused. Tifa believed her mother had gone to Mt. Nibel, and that she could meet her again if she crossed the mountain.

Tifa headed off to Mt. Nibel and Cloud followed to keep her safe, but both fell from a rickety bridge. Tifa's father found her severely injured, and blamed Cloud for leading her to Mt. Nibel. Five years later, in 2000, Cloud decided to become a SOLDIER, like his idol Sephiroth, in part to impress Tifa. He called Tifa out to the water tower, a local date spot, to tell her of his plans, and Tifa made Cloud promise to protect her if she was ever in trouble. He left to join SOLDIER the following spring and Tifa worried about him, reading the newspaper every day looking for some mention of Cloud, and asking Shinra personnel if they knew him when they came to Nibelheim. She would find nothing, for Cloud never made into SOLDIER, becoming only a lowly infantryman.

Crisis Core || Before Crisis

“I hate you! I hate Shinra! I hate SOLDIER! I hate you all!”
—Tifa to Zack after the Nibelheim Incident

Two years later, on September 21, 0002, at the age of 15, Tifa is working as a tour guide in the Nibelheim mountains and is taking martial arts lessons from Zangan. In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- she is hired by the player's Turk to lead a Shinra expedition from up Mt. Nibel to investigate a faulty Mako Reactor. The expedition includes Sephiroth and a SOLDIER named Zack. During their stay, she drops hints to Zack that she dreams of specifically having a blond-haired SOLDIER protecting her.

Unbeknown to her, Cloud is one of the two Shinra guards with Zack and Sephiroth, but is hiding his identity due to his shame of failing to enter SOLDIER. Without her knowing it the entire time, he prevents her entry to the reactor, attempts to protect her from a monster attack that occurs shortly after (trying to anonymously keep his promise) and whom she helps down the mountain. Afterward, Tifa leaves messages for Zack expressing her worry for the soldier who helped her.

Sephiroth goes berserk when he learns who "his mother" is, and on October 1st sets Nibelheim ablaze, then sets off to the reactor. Tifa's father and others follow, but Sephiroth slays them. At the reactor, Tifa finds her father's corpse with Sephiroth's Masamune. Declaring her hatred of Sephiroth and Shinra, she rushes into the reactor and attacks Sephiroth, but he disarms her and cuts her down. Tifa falls down the steps and slumps to the ground, unconscious.

Zack finds Tifa injured and engages Sephiroth but is defeated. Cloud arrives and carries Tifa aside to ensure she will be safe while he confronts Sephiroth; Cloud later admits he thought Tifa's wounds were fatal. Tifa is taken to Midgar by Zangan for medical treatment; he continuously cast Cure on her but succeeded only in keeping Tifa alive, and it is implied she has no recollection of the journey to Midgar.

Zangan leaves Midgar and Tifa recovers and joins AVALANCHE, an anti-Shinra resistance group led by Barret Wallace. She becomes the owner and proprietor of the bar and restaurant 7th Heaven, which houses AVALANCHE's base in a secret basement.

Final Fantasy VII

When Cloud returns to Midgar as a mercenary in late 0006, he meets Tifa. Unaware Cloud was in Nibelheim during its destruction, but suspecting something is off about his behavior, Tifa recruits him to work for Barret to examine him further. Realizing Cloud knows several things he should not and has forgotten things he should know, and also initially doubting her own recollections when faced with Cloud's, Tifa keeps this information to herself while trying to figure out the reason behind Cloud's different character and inconsistent memories.

On December 9th, Cloud's first mission with AVALANCHE is a success, and he returns to Tifa's bar. Cloud attempts to quit AVALANCHE saying he doesn't care about Shinra and the Planet, but Tifa pleads for him to stay reminding him of the promise they made as children, leading Cloud to reluctantly assign for the next mission. The next day Tifa accompanies him and Barret on the bombing mission of Sector 5 Reactor but Cloud is separated. When the rest of AVALANCHE returns to the hideout, they find someone spying on them, who points to the crime boss Don Corneo as a Shinra informant. Tifa comes up with a plan to get close to him; Don Corneo is known for calling up girls in his mansion and choosing the one he likes best to be his "bride" for the day. Cloud catches Tifa being taken to Don's, and infiltrates Corneo's mansion with a girl he met at the slums, Aeris.

In the ensuing confrontation, Corneo reveals Shinra is planning to drop the Sector 7 plate to crush the slums. Tifa and Cloud race to help Barret defend the pillar supporting the plate while Aeris takes Barret's daughter, Marlene, to safety. The other AVALANCHE members are killed, and the pillar is destroyed. Tifa, Cloud and Barret escape while Shinra captures Aeris.

Tifa, Barret and Cloud fight their way into Shinra Headquarters to save Aeris, but are captured. Sephiroth attacks the building and kills President Shinra, and in the chaos the group is released from their cells. The group flees from Midgar to Kalm where Cloud tells the group how he was deployed to Nibelheim with Sephiroth and how the latter destroyed Nibelheim. His version is faulty, but Tifa, confused by his story, does not confront him both to protect him and because she now doubts her own recollection.

The group travels around the world tracking Sephiroth, with Tifa supporting the party when she can. In Gongaga they run into Zack's parents who are worried about their son as they have not heard from him in years. Knowing Zack was the SOLDIER member who came to Nibelheim with Sephiroth, Tifa gets upset, but lies to Cloud when he tries to find out what's wrong. When they arrive at Nibelheim, they discover the town has been rebuilt, and the villagers (who are really Shinra employees hired to cover up the Sephiroth incident) do not remember Cloud or Tifa ever living there.

The group stays in Gold Saucer while the ropeway is being repaired, and Tifa is one of the possible date options for Cloud. If Tifa goes out with Cloud during the night she laments on being insecure with her feelings and how she wishes she could tell something to Cloud but finds herself unable to.

When the group tracks Sephiroth down to the Whirlwind Maze, Sephiroth shows Cloud the true events of Nibelheim's razing. Sephiroth's manipulations take their toll and Cloud begins to believe he is not a real person, but someone made by Professor Hojo of Shinra with false memories. Cloud submits to Sephiroth's will and hands over the Black Materia they had stolen from Sephiroth earlier, a powerful Materia that can summon Meteor, then apologizes to Tifa as the North Crater shakes and the ancient beasts called Weapons awaken. Tifa and Barret flee on the Shinra airship, Highwind, as the crater collapses with the rest of AVALANCHE escaping another way. Tifa and Barret are brought to Junon where they are to be executed as scapegoats to show Shinra is still in control as Meteor looms in the sky.

Tifa is thrown into a gas chamber, while the other party members hidden in the crowd save Barret. While gas seeps into the chamber, Tifa breaks out of her restraints. Sapphire Weapon attacks Junon, blasting a hole in the gas chamber, which saves her. Running to escape the Shinra forces, Tifa climbs up onto the Mako Cannon. The Shinra executive Scarlet confronts Tifa, and the two descend into a cat fight. The Highwind commanded by the rest of AVALANCHE appears below the cannon and Tifa jumps down to the airship. She is elected the party's temporary leader while Cloud is gone.

Cloud is found in Mideel, suffering from a Mako overdose. Tifa stays behind to watch over him, but Cloud is not showing signs of improvement. Ultimate Weapon appears and Lifestream swallows Mideel. Tifa tries to push the unresponsive Cloud to safety but both fall into the Lifestream.

Being submerged in the Lifestream lets Tifa enter Cloud's Subconscious where she uncovers the truth about the Nibelheim incident, and helps Cloud restore his memories and motivations. Tifa learns how Cloud admired her when he was young, and left to join SOLDIER to impress her. Tifa learns Cloud helped her during the Nibelheim incident, even though she didn't know it was him at the time. After Cloud's memories have been restored the two wash ashore near Mideel, where the others find them and take them back to the Highwind.

In the aftermath of Midgar's siege by Diamond Weapon and the impending chaos of Shinra's destruction, Cloud dismisses the party instructing them to find a reason to fight. Tifa stays behind with Cloud, as she has nowhere else to go. The two spend the night on the cliff above Northern Cave. Depending on the player's interactions with her during the game, the following scene has two possible dialogue courses that vary in the amount of affection the two show each other.

In late January 0007 the party descends to the bottom of the Northern Cave and defeats Sephiroth to release the power of Holy. After the battle Cloud feels Sephiroth is still not fully vanquished, and Tifa stays behind as Cloud descends into the Lifestream for a final battle with Sephiroth. As he returns to his body the cavern falls apart and Cloud saves Tifa from falling. The party returns on the Highwind where the watch the Lifestream surge from the Planet to help Holy destroy the Meteor.


Tifa is the focus of Case of Tifa in On the Way to a Smile, examining her life and relationship with Cloud after the game events. Tifa, Cloud and Barret's daughter Marlene become a family in the newly built city of Edge, and Tifa runs a bar called 7th Heaven, while Cloud runs a delivery service. Her life with Cloud is initially happy, but Tifa becomes concerned with Cloud's secrecy and growing depression, which strains the family's unity.

Cloud brings Denzel, a boy he found from the Midgar ruins, to the bar, and he joins the family, but Cloud continues to grow distant from Tifa and leaves 7th Heaven with no explanation, despite briefly showing signs of happiness again. Tifa calls his cellphone several times but the answering service takes over. Shortly thereafter, the events of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children begin.

Tifa has a brief mention in Hoshi wo Meguru Otome where after learning from Zack that Cloud truly is not himself, Aerith protects Tifa's mind from the Mako poisoning while she is in Cloud's subconscious, believing she can restore Cloud's true persona.

Advent Children || Advent Children Complete

“Which is it, a memory or us?”
—Tifa to Cloud

Two years after Final Fantasy VII Tifa serves as Cloud's emotional support, runs a bar called 7th Heaven in Edge, cares for Marlene and Denzel, and handles the business side of Cloud's delivery service.

While taking Marlene to the Sector 5 Church to find Cloud, she discovers Cloud has Geostigma. Loz, one of the Remnants of Sephiroth, shows up hoping to find Jenova's head under Cloud's care. He finds Tifa, whom he duels. Though she puts up a good fight, Tifa is defeated after Loz uses his superhuman speed and pile bunker. Cloud finds her unconscious in the church and prepares to hunt down Marlene, but a bout of pain from his Geostigma stops him. They are found by Reno and Rude who decided to help them and bring them back to the 7th Heaven. Cloud first turns down Tifa's request to go to the Forgotten Capital to get Marlene and Denzel, fearing he will be unable to help them, but Tifa gives him a speech about his apathy and self-loathing, talking him into going.

The next day, when Loz and Yazoo have mind-controlled the children with Geostigma into going to the memorial in the center of Edge, Tifa attempts to save Denzel from them, but Bahamut SIN knocks her out. She joins the battle with the remaining AVALANCHE members, and is the last person to physically help Cloud — with Aerith providing support from the Lifestream — into the air to deliver the final blow to the dragon.

Tifa appears on the Shera with the AVALANCHE members while Cloud fights Kadaj and Sephiroth, and arrives in the church with Denzel to heal his Geostigma, and share a shy smile with Cloud as he relaxes with the children in the pool of Lifestream purified water.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

One year later, Tifa appears during the ground assault on Midgar, leading the tanks with Barret and Cloud. She appears when the gang is cheering on Vincent when he is "saving the world", and at the end, when Yuffie enters 7th Heaven to inquire about Vincent. She is still running the bar, and lets Shelke live with them. Tifa can be heard during a phone call to Vincent during his descent into Midgar's underground, but in audio only.


Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

“An optimistic woman proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Contrary to her rough-and-tumble appearance, she often encourages her friends.”

[ Tifa Lockhart is the third representative for Final Fantasy VII and a Warrior of Cosmos in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Tifa was a childhood friend of Cloud Strife and worked alongside the resistance group AVALANCHE to bring down Shinra. When her father's killer, Sephiroth, resurfaced, she worked along with Cloud and their friends to fight him and save the Planet. During Dissidia 012 her memory was erased, and all knowledge of Cloud was taken from her. However, she still keeps her hopes and dreams alive while confronting the forces of Chaos.

In the game's story mode, her opposing villain is Ultimecia. ]

Early in the 12th cycle, Tifa is confronted by Sephiroth, and she is unaware of who he is. Sephiroth states that he is her enemy, and nothing more. They battle, and Sephiroth has Tifa at sword point, until Cloud arrives, and defends Tifa. After Cloud defeats Sephiroth, Sephiroth leaves. Tifa, with no memory of Cloud, either, asked if they once knew each other. Cloud responds no, but warns her that he is a warrior of Chaos, and the next time they meet they would be enemies.

Sometime later, Tifa talks to Vaan, Laguna and Yuna as they try to find the way back to Cosmos' sanctuary. Later on after receiving Cosmos' power, she travels with them, and Lightning, before they become separated when attacked by Kuja, and Kefka.

During her travels, Tifa encounters and fights Ultimecia. Just before Ultimecia could defeat Tifa, Kain quickly intervenes and protects her. Before Ultimecia disappears, she warns Tifa of Kain's intentions, pointing to an unconscious Zidane. Before Tifa could aid Zidane, Kain swiftly grabs him and leaves, leaving Tifa to wonder what is going on. Shortly after, Tifa finds Kain, badly injured, and heals him with her last potion, claiming that she trust him. After Kain reveals all that he knows about the cycles of war, Tifa states that she'll continue to fight, refusing to let herself rest and wait for the next cycle and wanting to protect her friends. Kain warns her that she may not survive, but Tifa does not change her choice.

Afterwards, Tifa and Kain reunite with Lightning, Vaan, Laguna, and Yuna. Then the six of them set out to destroy the door to the Rift, which the manikins have arrived from. When the six of them reach Orphan's Cradle Tifa is amazed to see Vaan cool and collective, despite knowing what they were walking into, and admits that perhaps there is something to look forward too. Suddenly, they are quickly confronted by Exdeath, who was stalling for time to let the manikins come. Tifa leaves with most of the group, leaving Kain to hold off Exdeath, and the manikins pursuing them.

Later, at the Empyreal Paradox, Tifa with, her remaining allies fight off against Garland, the Emperor, the Cloud of Darkness, Kefka and Ultimecia, with Tifa battling Ultimecia once again. After Tifa and the others win, the villains flee, having bought enough time for the manikins to come. The party is rejoined by Kain, and the six of them fight a horde of manikins and close the door to the Rift. However, being severely outnumbered, the group falls in battle. When Shinryu comes and purifies Cosmos with her warriors for the next cycle of conflict, Tifa and her group are not purified, having lost all of their power. The Warrior of Light could only watch as the six fade away just before he collapses, and is taken to the next cycle.

Dead Fantasy

Tifa is Cloud's childhood friend from Nibelheim and a key member of an eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE. She also owns a bar called 7th Heaven, located in Sector 7 slums of Midgar, which also serves as an AVALANCHE hideout. Her personality is much more laid back and selfless in comparison, with a motherly streak concerning all her friends and her attitude to others.

Dead Fantasy I

During Dead Fantasy I, Yuna and Rikku are being battered by team Dead or Alive. Toward the end, just as Ayane, Kasumi and Hitomi were ready for a final strike and charge them, Tifa shows up and rescues her teammates by simultaneously beating back all of the Dead or Alive girls across the platform. Yuna and Rikku recover and join Tifa, who strikes an offensive stance as her Materia glows. She was showed as the most powerful character among all the girls.

Dead Fantasy II

The Dead or Alive girls charge the Final Fantasy girls, only to again be repelled by a series of Tifa's kicks. She and Kasumi exchange magical attacks, afterward conjuring a wall of sharp ice and hurling Hitomi through it. Tifa grabs Ayane by the head and unleashes a vicious 15-hit combo, sending her flying backward. Afterward Tifa sets up an impressively coordinated three-way attack against the DOA girls using her time magic. Tifa then displays her strength by hurling her teammate Rikku through the air, then withstands a point-blank explosion to the back of her head courtesy of Kasumi. During Kasumi's protecting of Ayane, Tifa jumped up and dealt a jarring blow to her face, the only one capable of penetrating her defenses.

While sliding down the tower Tifa utilizes her lightning materia to duel Ayane, then uses Kasumi's head to break a stone wall. Tifa outmaneuvers Hitomi while on the stone block, backflipping over Hitomi, grabbing her by the waist, then suplexing her upper body straight through the stone they're standing on. Tifa then unleashes a chain of spells onto the trapped Hitomi, who flies back screaming and trailing smoke. Tifa then regroups and casts Haste on her team. Hitomi manages to block Tifa while she's hasted, but as soon as it wears off, Tifa kicks Hitomi upward, then unleashes Final Heaven. When the tower came down, Tifa casts Protect on her team preventing further damage from the fall.

The girls land on a stone slab floating atop a bed of lava. Yuna supports a visibly weary Tifa, hurt from the fall and likely having expended too much energy casting spells. Yuna readies a Potion and Ether, but soon both her and Rikku fall to the DOA team, at which point Tifa then steps up to reaquire the bottles, flipping over Hitomi and allowing Kasumi's ninja blade to slice the bottle open for her. She then smashes the second bottle across Hitomi's face and beats her down with one arm. She then proceeds to beat the entire team whilst sustaining little damage herself. Even after being nearly knocked into the lava, she runs straight over it and delivers a flaming kick to Rachel's face.

Once Rinoa enters the fray and conjure the Tornado, Tifa is seen firing flaming spells into it at the DOA girls. Inside the tornado Tifa kicks Hitomi to Rinoa, who proceeds to repeatedly body-slam her enemies. After the conjuring of the Lunar Portal, Tifa slams Hitomi down into the one that leads to the site seen in Dead Fantasy III.

Dead Fantasy III

Tifa and Hitomi start their battle off by hitting each other with mirrored blows. First Hitomi kicks down Tifa, then Tifa does the same, only with lightning imbued into her leg. The two go to punch each other, but Tifa gains the advantage after channeling a Fire spell through her arm, sending a wave of fire into Hitomi's face and forcing her to fly back. The whole church structure now set ablaze, Tifa imitates Sephiroth's infamous fire scene. Tifa throws a fire kick at Hitomi, briefly setting her bare arm on fire, then knocks her to the ground. She then throws her into a pillar, but Hitomi vaults off of it, catches Tifa with her legs, and sends her knocking into another pillar, which shatters on impact. After several more blows are exchanged with no combatant outdoing the other, Tifa slams Hitomi with a combination of Poison and Blind, forcing her back. Once Hitomi gains her bearings, Tifa attacks again. Using touch Hitomi counters Tifa's blows, and surprisingly, is able to expel the materia from her body. After knocking Tifa's materia out Hitomi sends her flying out of the church. Tifa gets up and recovers, but she is bleeding. Before she and Hitomi can reengage, Hayate and his ninja clan appear.

Dead Fantasy IV

Tifa is seen at the end of the fourth episode in a flashback. After Cloud rescues Yuna, he remembers the last time he saw Tifa before she fell down to the ruins of Midgar in Dead Fantasy V. Before that, there was some word appeared which was from Cloud, it mentions that he was there because he trusts Tifa and Yuna somehow reminds him of Aerith, whom he said goodbye a long time ago.

Dead Fantasy V

"It's only if you understand love... That you understand absolute fear... She needs my help.
--Cloud to Tifa before she falls off the cliff in the ruins of Midgar

"Trust me."​

--Tifa to Cloud before she falls off the cliff in the ruins of Midgar

In Dead Fantasy V, Hayate interrupts Hitomi and Tifa's fight and sends his ninja clan to capture Tifa. Having had almost all of her materia expelled from her during her fight with Hitomi, Tifa is considerably low on defense and advantages. She is also severely injured due to the previous fight, trailing blood where she walks. She makes an attempt to escape the ninjas by jumping onto a train, to be foiled by her enemies ability to teleport. Tifa makes her final stand in a vacant automobile garage, but is soon slashed and further injured by the ninja's weapons. For defense she seizes a large hydraulic car jack, and begins smashing the ninjas away with it. Hayate's men then ready themselves to shoot Tifa with their bows. While she manages to block the majority, she is still hit. There a flashback occurs where Tifa is about to jump off the cliff where Zack Fair died. Cloud tries to stop her, but she tells him, "Trust me". Directly after this line, Cloud tries to reach her but she jumps off the cliff. After she jumps, a feather is flown into the sky. She falls and wakes up because of the feather and in the ruins featured in Dead Fantasy II.

The flashback ends, and Tifa finds renewed strength. She forces a pipe through a foe's head, then makes a charge at Hayate, who repels her. Unabashed, she continues to slay his men one after one, then makes a final charge for Hayate again. He teleports out of her reach while his surviving men wrap her limbs and neck with chains. Still she keeps fighting, slinging the men around at the end of their own chains. Finally she rushes for Hayate a final time. He teleports away again, and Tifa collapses behind him, either of an unseen attack, fatigue, or blood loss. Hayate carries Tifa out to Helena, who with Hitomi take her on a helicopter and transports her to the city seen at the end. They were followed closely by Yuna and Cloud.

Kingdom Hearts 2

When Sora's revisits Hollow Bastion for the first time, he meets Tifa, who inspects Ansem the Wise's study, looking for "a guy with spiky hair." Sora pulls on one of his own spikes before Tifa laughs and says "Spikier".

Tifa is actually looking for Cloud, and she nearly catches up to him during the Heartless invasion, but he chases after Sephiroth, leaving her to fight a large group of Heartless on her own. She later fights alongside Sora in the Ravine Trail, preceded by Yuffie and Leon, and followed by Cloud.

After Sora defeats Sephiroth in battle, he finds Cloud and tells him that Sephiroth is waiting for their battle. It is when this confrontation reaches its climax that Tifa finally catches up to Cloud. She tries to help Cloud, saying that all that needs to be done is to surround him in light, and telling Sephiroth that the darkness will always be there, but in a place that he can't reach. She fights with Sephiroth very briefly, then gives Cloud the light to overcome his darkness, after which the two men return to battle and disappear once again, leaving her to continue the pursuit. Before she does, however, Tifa gives Sora the Fenrir Keychain, thanking him for his help.

Sephiroth -glares-

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