Love comes and goes
You grow up
You get old
You find love for your heart
But its all a dream
It's all torn apart
You only find true love once
So don't wait
For it come
Because you only get one shot
So don't wait
Because that one shot
Will be lost.
My biggest mistake was that I lost you
I let you go,
And now there's nothing I can do.
I lost my way
I lost myself
There's nothing I can say
All I am is just a lonely book on the shelf
I will always love you
It's the sad truth
But i have to move on
Old news.
I wish I could sleep forever
Because in my dreams your there
We're happy, we're together.
As much as I want, I can't turn back time
I want you so bad
But I know you'll never be mine.
I had my chance
I had your love
All I can do now is just watch from a glance
I already know what it feels like to die
I felt it ever since
The day we said goodbye.
I love you Jeff
Those were the last words you said
Ill hold those words forever and carry them till death.