▐ █☠ Rosie JellyBean Bear▐ █
✖ Age:16
✖ 8-10-94
✖ Leo
✖ Single->♡(taken]
✖ Intelligence, Leadership, && uniqueness is something I can't hide.
▓Unforgettable; is a guarantee▒

Hello well as you were able to see up there my name is rosie:]
those were the basic things about me but heres more of an introduction of what you can expect from me.

i am a very cool chick.
I'm very unique in almost every way.
I'm as sweet as honey but a real cold b***h when i have to be or want to be, but heres a tip: if you don't want to see that side of me, then dont provoke me ;D
I tend to be very sarcastic at times or a a*****e when playing but i don't mean too. My true obsession and only true love is music♥ im pretty much into everything. but im mainly into rock, bachata, reggeton, techno, classical, them old classic hits && anything with a good beat. Anything else you would like to know just mssg me :]

Oh PS: I DO NOT except strangers, perverts, disrespectful bitches or little as ******** who want to suck me off. ☠♡☠

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