Freak in the sheets x Freak in the closet = The Best Times In The World.

MADE BY: Besulalea
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Kay so. Theres not much to say about me...I am 15 years old, my birthday is December 11. Get me a present? I am currently and forever owned by T3h Muffin God so hands off kay thx. Everyone calls me Paigey, PC, or Mizu. If someone is calling me Paigey Pie they have earned that right. You currently dont have it if you are reading this for the first time or if you dont already. My tops bands are: My Chemical Romance, Emilie Autumn, and Atreyu. I adore anime and manga. I hate people who crave pity and attention...But I'll be pretty nice to you even if I dont really like you. Unless Im with Connor then I tend to be meaner <3

User ImagePeople I am currently obessed with:User Image

T3h Muffin God aka Master aka Connor
Sa-Sa-Sa-Satan aka Yu-chan aka Brittney
xXxXTYCH0XxXx aka Zeo aka Isaac
Talyc aka Taly aka Drew
iNibble aka Kait
Chibi_Otouto_Elric aka Hidoi aka Mika
zorgmonkey aka Zorggy aka Kayla

User ImageThe people I ABSOLUTELY love with all my heart.
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User ImageT3h Muffin God: Wow. Connie Cakes. We have so many inside jokes. That no one will ever understand. We talk for lyk ever on the phone usually. Being dorks together. Most of the time people don't know wtf we're talking about. I've known him fer lyk....2-3 years. We just chill. And we watch Sponge Bob together. He's in my pants. No one else can be sorry. Love yu Connie Cakes.

User ImageSa-Sa-Sa-Satan: She's on here because me and her get along so well. She be my home girlie. We never ever ever fight. And she thinks I'm super cool so she deserves to be up here. Ha ha ha she goes along with all my crazy ideas and all my silly come on lines I use on her too. Love yu forever Brittney. <3 Also Ima see her at Disney! Whoo! If anyone ever. EVER. Hurts her feelings I will personally make sure that their life sucks. Shes lyk the nicest person I know. She doesn't deserve anyone's s**t. Love you Britty Brownies aka The Pino.

User ImageT3h Muffin God: Dood. Hes like the only person I could talk to on the phone for FOUR HOURS no breaks. We're like the best of buddies ever! He's so funny >w> I <3 Him. He's my amazing Master. And I've known him since lyk....FOREVERZ on top of that Connor is one of the...well the only person I met that has the weirdest/funniest story. Oh em gee! We're butt buddies. ;] I AM IN HIS PANTS SO I CANT BE IN YOURS SORRY.Yeah Hes on here twice. WTF NOW D<

User ImageTalyc: Hes my brother yeah. We're lyk awesome siblings. He came up with my greatest nickname...Paigey Pie!! I've known him for a pretty long time...Since he was Smoked Gouda.I DA MANZ. AND HE DA WUMANZ. Yeah I can read his mind. And umh yeah I call him Taly or Drewy Dooy <3 Me, Tay, and Brittney live in his closet. I'm secretely datinghis kitty :B I love you Taly Tal.

My current dream avi

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Total Value: 344,813 Gold, 13,000 Tickets
After Exclusions: 329,569 Gold, 13,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Magical Girl
Blush Clown Makeup (high)
Red Stockings
Coal Gunner Boots
Red Leather Belt
Outlaw Biker Pants - Coal
Demonic Anklets
Coal Tavern Wench's Bustier
Ribbon Luv Sleeves Black
Long Drag
Heart Eye Patch
Dark Halo
Pink Sweetheart Teddy


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Cute avi
Ka-Oni 2

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Ka-Oni 2

HA! I'm older than you by like 10 months! But yo! how it be goin?
sinnister gates

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sinnister gates

~random comment~

hi i dont really know you but my bday is tomorrow and if you can donate its aprecciated

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wow u look emo

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hi mizu how are you

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hi how are you and how was your valintines day
Aven of the night

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Aven of the night

la fete pantalons

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la fete pantalons


long time no speeky :]

how are you?
lil chyna doll

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lil chyna doll

Mizzuuu!! :'(

schoolwork killin me. hope u enjoyin ur summer

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hi how are you sorry i havent talked to you in a long while


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