Picture a self conscious girl,
Crying silently inside,
Her heart broken,
Her soul smashed,
I’m that girl.

Picture a care free girl,
Lying in field of flowers,
Looking up at the clouds,
Glowing with tints of red and orange,
I’m that girl.

Picture an adventurous girl,
Running around wildly,
Doesn’t matter where she goes,
As long as she is free,
I’m that girl.

Picture a romantic girl,
Dreaming of being in someone’s arms,
For her heart to be connected,
To finally be loved.
I am that girl.

Picture a confident girl,
People staring as she walks along,
She feels flawless,
Yet she’s hiding her anxieties inside,
I am that girl.

Whichever of these girls,
Piece me together,
You’ll just have to take me,
For who I really am.

Bonjoir mes amis!
The name's Ferzii-Layla but everyone calls me either Ferzii or Ferzay. Call me Fergie and i'll bite your legs off.

I live in the U.K, the land of rain and temporary sunshine. Woo...-sarcasm-

Anyway, I'm what you would call literate, so please don't talk to me in chatspeak because I would probably have no idea what you are saying.

I have a life, kaykay?

I am one of those people you see sitting on the outside windowsil just glaring up at the clouds. Not sure why, I guess I just like doing it.

I like meeting new people, seeing as I do so all the time, so feel free to say hello.

I depend of my friends a lot, so they deserve a mention here: Talullah (She get's mad if i call her Tallie), Tom(Funny as hell. xD), Becca (Panda Obsessive), Sammie (Torchwood./Doctor Who obsessed), and everyone else. xD


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Ferzaylaylie's Pile of Crap

Exactly what the title says.



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MexicanBlood For Life

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MexicanBlood For Life

hey try this out! send this comment on ten profiles then press f5 to get 10,000 gold
MexicanBlood For Life

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MexicanBlood For Life


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Im good and you?
R y o b o o h

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R y o b o o h

I love your profile song! o:


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Mule! User Image, How dare you betray me like this User Image..., Talking to someone else behind my back.. I feed you, I clothed you, I helped you User Image, and this is how you repay me!? User Image.., Oo and ello Ferzay..., *poke poke poke poke poke!*, *runs*, Wee XD haha...

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Oo and this is Master10070's crappy no one cares about mule XD haha... If you can't tell XD haha...

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User Image!, *gets up and helps you up*, how do you trip on a twig ><, Gosh.... *poke poke poke poke runs* ^^...

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*grabs side*, O you poked my spleen!, Omg!, Im going to die! User Image.., I can see my crappy life flashing before my eyes, I can see a white light!!, Pray for me!!, *faints dramatically*...

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User Image!, No one gets to poke me! ><..., without retaliation XD haha, *pokes pokes*, Muahahaha!! ^^ haha..
Mr Ghast

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Mr Ghast

Ferzii! That's where I thought your name sounded familiar from =D

Hi, how's it going? It's been such a long time.

Missed you.