If you're reading this, then that means you've probably realized that Fenir Tenshuro will be no more.

It pains me to have to do this, but it's something that needs to be done.

To my friends, if you wish to find me, you will have to send a PM to this account, though I can not guarantee that you will ever see me again. But know that you're all special to me in my mind. And if it were under any other circumstances, I would never leave you. But I have to.

Certain things just kill a guy inside, crush his very soul into nothing, this is one of those moments. So thank you for everything you've all done for me from when I started Gaia to this unfortunate end. I wish I could have been better for all of you, I really do.

If we meet again, which I hope we will, until then. But if not, I am so very sorry...I hope you'll forgive my selfishness. Goodbye to one'n'all.

With all the love in the world
Fenir Tenshuro / Jak Burt