I am Kimberly. You may call me Kim.
I am fourteen and I live in connecticut.
I like random stuff. My favorite color changes between green, red and blue. I like peircings. I love to write random stories. Reading is a favorite hobby of mine. I play lacrosse, and the occasional football game. I do have a rather busy life, so I don't come on gaia everyday, or as much as I would like. I donate to random people that I think deserve gold, and you might be next (most of the time it's 30k). I have trust issues, and therefore have few friends on gaia and in real life. Truthfully, I am a bit of a loner. One of my favorite memories is camping out under the stars. I hit the gym at least once a day. I do not talk to my father, and I like it that way. I like cats and dogs equally. I wish I had more time to shop. I eat way too much. I will add a picture when I feel like it.

I delete all comments after I read them, and I don't accept friend requests. I rarely make exceptions.
biggrin Yup.

Here I am.
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Jo's Journal


Hi, my name is Kim. I'm kind of a shy person at first, and I hate that. My journal is mostly random thoughts and little short stories.


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garbage ghoul

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garbage ghoul

I'm just here to generally compliment you on your writing.


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Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.