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stargategate Report | 01/15/2012 12:40 am
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Green is good. ಠ_ಠ
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domokun stargate
bleachedscar Report | 04/02/2010 7:12 pm
Yes, yes it is. But the coach is a moron... we even missed our first match ==" The only varsity he has picked out is singles. I will kill him if I don't make varsity.
Ol-Kitty-lO Report | 04/02/2010 6:54 pm
Lol, nahh, not really.
Just, school term ends in a week!

bleachedscar Report | 03/30/2010 10:08 pm
lol. Yup >:[ hes not even giving us practice during spring break
Ol-Kitty-lO Report | 03/30/2010 7:09 pm
I'll try to.

bleachedscar Report | 03/24/2010 5:32 pm
I don't know ==" 'cause hes trying to piss us off or something.
Ol-Kitty-lO Report | 03/22/2010 11:52 pm
Yeah.. :/

bleachedscar Report | 03/21/2010 12:20 pm
Yup Yup razz

Our coach wants us to pay $30 for our jerseys! Thats twice as much as its been.
Ol-Kitty-lO Report | 03/15/2010 10:37 pm
Because he thinks that it's 'useless crap'.

bleachedscar Report | 03/02/2010 4:00 pm
lol. It helps though, I'm doing pretty good this chapter of math XD I'm gonna get my 3rd 5 in a row - that'd make me rediculasly happy : D


I hate their backgrounds...
[will finish when Gaia stops being annoying]

I love nicknames, and I have a lot.
Too many to name, and really, I don't care.
If you need to call me anything, call me Bunny or Fell.
Or whatever. It doesn't matter to me.

I enjoy reading, writing, texting, playing games, and listening to music. Typical person? Maybe.
Adventures of any sort run my life.
Without them, I doubt I'd even want to live.
Whether it's just wandering around with someone, or a road trip, they give me a feeling that life is worth it.
Good thing to have, I think.
I contridict myself a lot; practically a walking contridiction.
Just a heads up, I'm bound to do it somewhere in here.
I'm a pretty paranoid person. More than before, anyway.
There are moments, lots of them, when I don't even want to leave my room.
I'm the person who won't be looking at you because she's too busy looking for those looking at her.
I'll give myself whiplash because of a twig.
And to think, all this paranoia wasn't resolved in therapy.
Can't expect much when you already know everything they say, huh?
So yeah, I was in therapy once. You think it makes me crazy, evs to that. Like I care, anyway.
I've decided I'm done with it, for now anyway.
Been there a few years on and off, but I've found a replacement; kick boxing :3
I think it'll help a lot more considering most of my "problems" are anger related.
School is just one of those tiny granades that blow things out of proportions.
Love it and hate it, y'know.
I do go to learn, though I must admit friends are a big motivation for getting there.
Call me a nerd, whatever. Proud of it, thank you.
I kind of hate talking, like actually talking to people, but I can't live without doing it.
This is where texting comes in hand.
I love to do it, and will 24/7. Yes, I do it in my sleep, as well.
Obsession? Quite possibly. Bad thing? An even greater chance.
Not up to me, though. Or maybe.. I don't know.
Texting is one thing, but music is literally always with me.
24 hours 8 days a week.
Yes, it's got more than seven days it's that special.
It's either always playing on the outside for me to hear, or in my head. Anywhere I am, it's always there.
Currently, Mindless Self Indulgence sort of owns my soul.
They are many shades of fantastic, and demand to be listened to.
Right now.
Speaking of stolen souls, Tetris also has dibbs on mine.
Yes, that "old school" game and all it's pixelated glory.
Play it.

And being but a human being, there are a lot of things that I like, and a lot I don't.
There are also things that I cannot live without.
Material items, yes, but a person rises far above all of that.
I cannot live without my Sheep.
She is my best friend, my husbad, the father of my child, my drug, my everything.
I care for her a lot more than I care for myself, and would give up anything to make her happy.
Having her in my life gives me something to strive for, a light in my darkness, whatever you want to call it.
I know it might sound silly, but I don't care. I love her more than anything.
Stalkerish? Maybe. But she's been stalking me for a long time. It all works out in the end.
Love ya Sheep. Never forget that.
Nothing comes close to her, and I don't think that anything ever will.

I guess that's it for now.
Ask me questions if you have any, I love answering them.
So send me a message, leave me a comment.
And don't die crossing the street.
Have a great day.


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