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The Story of a Dragon

The story about pain, love, destruction, and fighting I call life. This is my story....



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Do I really have to tell you about myself? Why must I tell about me even though you might not even know me? -sigh- very well...... here's my story.

I'm 18. I'm a male. I'm friendly and love to make friend.
I get depressed a lot, but I shouldn't get into that.
I'm very shy and in some occasions, I don't talk much.
I love video games, and to draw when I have free time. I'm currently trying to get into college to practice my drawing.

Thats all for now. Under co.

I'm in love with the most wonderful girl ever! 10/23/09 heart
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This man is my dream come true, the man who holds my heart and soul in his palms and will always keep them safe...He's my waking dream, and reason to breath. He is my everything! He's amazing and sweet, kind, strong, gentle and perfect. I love him, my heart only beats for him and always will. I will forever be his and he mine...Because we are forever to be Soul mates heart
*~Eve, also known as xXHopes BlessingXx~*

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