Hey, Im Mikel. Im 16 and I was born in June 24.
Im usual nice, and Im single... I think I'd like to be single for a little while. Oh... and Im straight!

I love to play guitar and the bass. Music is my passion, Ive got nothing else but that. I like symphonies and anything classical. I hate country. I listen to everything else except for that. Acoustic is usually my kind of music.
Literature for me, is not a must... but it still is good to talk to someone with better English that a N00b.

I hate people that back-stab, I really have no tolerance for them. It would really be better if you just say it to my face, or they're faces than pretending everything is okay.
Im always like this and Im not about to change.

PM me if you wanna know more about me, or just want to randomly talk. I love PMs :]


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it's not as big anymore cuz i got rid of most of the picts i didn't really like them anymore XP

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haha your really funny, and i'm the same way with the whole back stabbing thing


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