Introducing Feather

Welcome to Feather's profile!
I have been on Gaia since 2005! I enjoy chatting in forums and coming up with cool avatars. I am not currently accepting random friend requests. If you would like to be my friend, please get to know me first.
Have an opinion on my avatar? Please leave a comment, I enjoy feedback ^^
Here to ask for a donation? I don't like begging and generally don't have that much gold myself. Please don't ask for my stuff.
Looking for avi art? Having tried to start an art shop and not being able to keep up with it, I am now doing avi art by personal request only. Pm me for more info, and find samples of my art here.

CURRENT QUEST: Checking my siggy might give you a clue! I'm always looking for more EIs for my collection.
Other things that I want
-- Cute avatar art
-- Any detective-themed items!
-- Things found on my Wishlist (I try to keep it up to date)