Name: Mirron Tenshi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Hair: Platinum White

Weapon: Staff, Scythe

Class: Mage

-Arcane Warrior ~ A mage applies his/her magic into combative skills. This kind of power takes athleticism, endurance, and physical wellness.
-Healer ~ Through great concentration, the mage can banish illness or mend wounds. Healing usually takes a lot of energy, however.
-Symbolist ~ With any kind of drawing tool, the mage channels magic into markings, glyphs, circles, wards, and symbols for various purposes.
-Elemental ~ Common but complex branch, there are up to seven elemental powers a mage can choose from; typically, a mage is only able to learn up to three of the elements, though it is possible to learn more or all seven, but that much is difficult.

Bio: When he was a boy of 7-years, fiends attacked and destroyed his home village. He was playing alone at the lake when he discovered a trick of sparks, he rushed home to show his mother and father. However, he found his parents being eaten away by a couple of the fiends. Out of sheer instinct, Mirron cast a Glyph of Repulsion on the floor beneath his butchered parents, dispelling the monsters from his dying folks.

As they lain, fading rapidly, they felt the magic that radiated from the circle, their son weeping between them, Mirron's mother and father died with loving smiles on their faces, giving their love and a farewell praise of his newly discovered magic. Knowing nothing of how to use his magic, Mirron could do nothing but cry as his parents slipped into death's embrace.

The morning after, three templars, who have been sent to see to a reported mage in the village, arrived at the desolated, blood-stained village. The templars split up to investigate, and the leader of the small group, Amon, who was one of the kinder and dutiful of the templar order, located a crying, curled up elven boy between his mauled mother and father.

Since then, Amon took Mirron to the Magus Plane - a pseudo dimension where mages are taken to in order to hone their magic. Mirron was a bit of a loner, hardly trusting, but was befriended by the other apprentices. Despite feeling alone, he was one of the few mages who appreciated Magus as his home.

He shown very good promise of several branches of magic, especially elemental magic. He was also a bit of an artist, in symbol art in particular, and excelled in magic arrays and circles.

Mirron stayed in the Magus Plane for 11 years before 'offically' ran away. Something happened that landed him in some trouble. It wasn't severe, but the guilt of breaking the rules, and plagued by the betrayal of his closest friend, he got up one night, and tried to leave. Amon tried to persuade him to stay, but Mirron felt like he couldn't belong in Magus anymore.

After leaving, Mirron picked up a knack for fighting - later discovering an ancient art known as Arcane Combat. He learned how to apply his magic into a dueling-like fashion. His natural reflexes served him well as a battle mage.

Later, he earned himself a title: The White Reaper. Mirron always wears a white robe, almost always with his hood up. He's invented a type of magic that converts into outward solid force - he's able to create wings of shimmering light, and create a curved blade on his staff to use it as a scythe, hence the name.

Mirron also invented Mirror Magic. He's able to create portals of mystical energy to allow him to travel to one place to another. Mirror Magic also works as a shielding power to protect and reflect from opposing forces.

When he arrives to a town or village, he takes up odd jobs when he comes to a village. Being a mage with several branches of magic, Mirron can do a lot for people - heal injured or sick, regrow vegetation, repairing, defend from a horde of fiends, and so on.


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