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Tsunlock Report | 03/23/2013 3:20 am
(Insert generic thank-you-for-buying-my-stuff comment here)
Also, stayed a while to listen to the music. owo
Ana Pavati Report | 09/16/2012 2:11 pm
Nice music 3nodding
Anei Nushi Report | 12/09/2011 4:51 pm
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babydoll_017 Report | 10/01/2011 9:14 am
Thank You For Purchasing biggrin
The Dung Master Report | 06/23/2011 5:24 am
lol yeah xd Speaking of FF, number 13 was so bad.... the first FF game i couldn't play for more than 4 hours sweatdrop The story didn't have enough "drive" for to want more. It's a pity really. They're falling short on their lack of seriousness which i've come to like, but of course, i'm a huge FF 7 fan! 3nodding
Ahh hehe that's good biggrin Hope your foot will be back to normal soon smile
The Dung Master Report | 06/18/2011 4:32 am
Ahh hehe okay, now i remember mrgreen I guess it was the random encounter on zOMG 3nodding So, did you manage to gain some levels in zOMG? smile
Aww that's a bummer sweatdrop How'd you injure your foot?
Hehe thanks and same to you, once you get your holiday of course biggrin
The Dung Master Report | 06/17/2011 7:56 am
Haha funny thing, i can't remember either xd I was looking in my comments to see when you last posted something, and.... i gave up the search rofl
Life's been busy indeed. Just finished my first semester and i'm on holidays now. How about you? How's life treating you? smile
Hehe thanks! I didn't know i would be remembered mrgreen
Oh by the way.... uhm.... heh i guess i have a confession to make... AND you're entitled to slap me silly but not on my face! That stuff hurts! rofl Please forgive me, but i can't put my finger on who you are. I mean, i can't sort out who you are from the other bunch on this site xd *Covers face* Eeeeep! gonk
I normally don't forget people, but i think you've changed your name (char name), so i yeah, i apologize sweatdrop
Arch Angel Neko Report | 06/16/2011 5:22 pm
Arch Angel Neko Report | 06/16/2011 5:15 pm
The Dung Master Report | 06/16/2011 8:37 am
lol it might be a little late replying to your comment, since it's been ages i last was online, but err yeah, life's a'right dramallama
Oh and the song's from FullMetal Alchemist biggrin
lol do you even remember who i am? rofl



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