Hmm... How should I start. Well call me Fayee I'm down to earth I'm one of the 0ctobers and I'm scorpio DEAL WITH IT ! I'm dorky and funny and also sometimes very weird you may notice if you're my friend. I'm very very mean at some points. I like sad movies and not really scary but scary is okay. I hate people who show off gosh it's like so annoying, I hate people who likes to get attention, and people who cry over everything especially over a lollipop, I hate people who makes me so mad errr! I have like the best family in world I have two sisters one brother and one brother in law and my grandmother but no grandfather =( and also last but not least my woderful parents, two best cousin ate Ace and ate Rosable and one little boy my nephew T.J. I like to go shopping & like going to the movies. Umm. my favorite movie or movies are Titanic and A Walk To Remember. My favorite food is asian food. I'm asian as you can see and I'm proud. I like to shop in Abercrombie. Yeah do you think you heard enough if you do,do whatever it says in the bottom IF you have questions. Thanks for coming to my profile and maybe we can be friends XD!

Questions if you do please ask me by pming me or whatever =]


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mischievous x3

Report | 03/23/2009 11:12 pm

mischievous x3

and wtf is up with replacing asterisks with cursing ?!
it's annoying!

not that my appeal is based around the word ********, but i do like my right to say the word ******** .

Report | 03/23/2009 11:06 pm


yeah and those as well lolx
mischievous x3

Report | 03/23/2009 11:04 pm

mischievous x3

LOL. awan kan.
his friends? his friends were jackasses.
idk man. i'm just not part of that world that they had or he was a part of.
and there's that guy kris yano..
hayyyyyy!! sometimes i just feel like i wanna be a lesbian! ROLF.
fcukenn guys these days!
theyy just fck u up like alchohol!

stephen? rolfffffffff!
well, yeah. obviously we're overrated na.
but i've just recently started talking to him again smile


Report | 03/23/2009 10:57 pm


yeah it did, i was kinda pissed off when i got back, a big a** deflation then after the zomg craze everything went up again

yup i do

Report | 03/23/2009 10:52 pm


lol, you can nman yta

yup ^^
mischievous x3

Report | 03/23/2009 10:40 pm

mischievous x3

looooools. yeahh.
one big a** miracle.
well, he told me in the weirdest way he had a crush on me din.
hahaha, he put his jersey on my locker with a note on it sayingg like..i always see u in the hallway, and u see me too. i think you're a beautiful sight when i see you."
but at first i ignored it..then there came another one.. saying to meet him in the parking lot.
and there i was thinking, looking a bit shtupidd. liek frillz man. i thought it was some prankk..like theyre prolly staring at me laughing saying like who the ******** does she think she is ?! hahaha...thennn i saw him walking but then i was like..I ******** WISH. then he stood right in front me and asked if i got his note and i JUST DIED INSIDE.
LMFAO. then there..he asked me out after winter break. and lasted about 2 months.
the problems was his friends. i couldn't stand them and i think they couldn't stand me either..and there was his ex. ughhh.
we kinda fought a lot..face to face. lol.
and like my friends were on the way too. some of them liked him a lot..and they got jealous & s**t..and i'm just like, wtf man?
and then yeah, broke up with him at his crib on this rainy day. he just walked away, went to his room i think, leaving me on their living room =.=" then i cried and let it out in my car afterwards. but i'm fine now. i'm not gonna be forced to befriend ppl that i don't like or don't like me. no point right? even if its just us who got along, i knew problems would pour in cus i mean come on..our friends surrounded us.

and now ppl are just like..OMG WHY?! HE WAS SO DAMN HOT AND CUTE AND POPULAR.
i'm like..uhhhhh..knock yourself out trying him.

crush crush lang?!
well then tell me who you droolin on everyday in schoool!

Report | 03/23/2009 10:29 pm


kinda, im just on gaia for arts and stuff, im not that active anymore ^^
mischievous x3

Report | 03/23/2009 10:16 pm

mischievous x3

yeaahh. party party party. lols
and i'll take that as a compliment, foooo ;p

ahhhmm. i just lost it, yano ?
tis like ur ate & john. haha.

and yeeeh, recently single, maa.
lol..this guy omar. i think you remember him smile
the "hottest" guy in the world.
pshhh, u have no idea what we were, well what I WAS going through with, so i kissed him goodbye.

hows your schedule there?
hoy, love life mo met!
gaga! xD

me & dude have just been yanoo..doing crazy things as always haha..but we miss you lots <333

Report | 03/23/2009 10:01 pm


that was a long time ago na e

maybe you should ask her about it nlang faye hehe

yup, almost 2 months plang
mischievous x3

Report | 03/23/2009 9:54 pm

mischievous x3

hey fayee! omg it has been awhile isn't ?
damn. i've been great lately.
holy shiet, how about you man ?
how's cali? me and mustafa misses you like damn, dudee.
how's life there?

your kuya recently threw a birthday party so just partied this weekend, hehe.
i miss you a whole bunch, faye.

oh. me and glen ? lol, your updates are ancient as ********.
it's been whaa? 2 years? hahaha.

well, life's been awesomee. just livin it, yanoo?
school, party, school party. hahaha.
as for love life, hahaha. none.
just datin' around. i just became recently single like 2 weeks ago?
right naa..just wanna be single and continue my business, yano ?!
lolsss. i'm about to graduate & summer's comin, i dnt need someone to worry about while i'm partyin hard biggrin

tell me about you !!
when are you gonna come here for a visit?!
i'm on my spring break right naa..hahah.
sika ngay ?!

damn, fill me in with your updates girl !

i flyyyyyyy soo damn much.