The Thief

"Born and raised in a world of poverty, the Thief was taught how to steal, run and climb to survive, alongside her brother. Always together, acting as a team, they once split a pair of scissors to make a weapon, swearing to protect each other. It's been 10 years now... and she's never forgotten the day she broke her promise."
―Ubisoft description

Ankle Grabber (Low Profile, Back)

The Thief walks up behind her target, drops her weapon behind their ankle and reaches down to grab her weapon as she slightly yanks on their ankle. After her target turns around, she stands up straight and uses the momentum to stab her target in the head with her scissor blade.

Heart Attack (Low Profile, Front)

The Thief approaches her target from the front and makes a deadly blow to her target's heart. Getting her blade stuck in their torso, she wiggles the blade from side to side before yanking her scissor blade out her target's chest, before pushing her victim away and stashing her scissor blade up her sleeve.

Joy Ride (High Profile, Back)

The Thief runs upto her target and jumps onto their back. As she holds onto them while they stagger forward, giving herself a piggyback ride, she stabs her target in their chest twice. She then hops off their body and conceals her weapon.

Go For the Eyes! (High Profile, Front)

The Thief engages her target and they both briefly struggle to dominate the other. Consequently, the Thief wins the struggle and seizes the opportunity to stab her target in the eye with her scissor blade.

Pickpocket's Revenge (Bench Kill)

The Thief drops her weapon besides her target's foot as she kneels in front of them, before they can react, she takes out her scissor blade and stabs them in the side of the head, killing them instantly. She then pulls her victim's dead body from their seat and throws them to the floor.

Tag! You're It! (Aerial Kill)

The Thief leaps from a rooftop, scissor blade in hand, before landing on her target. She then stabs downwards into her victim's neck, piercing the jugular and causing them to bleed to death.


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Like an Eagle Report | 10/16/2011 4:48 am
Like an Eagle

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『ғaтe мay coммand ι dιe, вeғore тнe anѕwerѕ are dιѕcovered. вυт an aѕѕaѕѕιn тaĸeѕ orderѕ ғroм no one.』
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Hey, give me back my money! -chase.-
Fun Hunt Report | 08/24/2011 11:43 pm
Fun Hunt
"What the?!"
-falls to the grounds-
-throwing knife, shoots with gun-
Fun Hunt Report | 08/17/2011 10:20 pm
Fun Hunt
"You know I have the upper hand right?"
-hunts you down-
Fun Hunt Report | 08/12/2011 2:34 pm
Fun Hunt
-Stabs and leaves-