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BlushyBunny Report | 06/16/2014 8:21 pm
Happy Early Birthday sir :3 yum_cupcake !
Lady Jeza Report | 04/10/2013 10:37 pm
Lady Jeza
If You Knew Me..

Ooo it was a fairly large project, a bit hard to break down really since it evolved as new types of players came in wanting to use characters from various established genre. Hmm...well it was an entire world, magic and some tech, somewhat steampunkish, all of it functioning based on the world's limited power source which they all had to learn to use over a period of time and trial in order to prevent god modders. Basically they powered their various spells and abilities with the life energy of the planet itself, sometimes with ruinous effect. The world changed as they went. Say someone encounters an elder vampire trying to infiltrate the world (we hated all vampires with only 2 exceptions), in order to fight him they would need to use high level attacks which drained heavily on the environment around them. They would have to try and choose where they fought carefully or risk wiping out an entire village of native inhabitants who's life energy was tied to the world...this happened a few times before they decided it was a bad thing to kill all the shop keepers. We had players from world of darkness, dnd, world of warcraft and just about everything else out there not to mention custom characters built just for the world. Nobody came in with a rail gun or ultimate spell of destruction, they all came in weak as a kitten and had to fight there way up...oh and death, unless resurrected by others in a very complex and heavily rped ritual, was permanent. Theres too much really to tell in just one little blip of text I'm afraid. it took us years to build, a shame it was so easy to destroy. As for my favorite genre, I'd say freestyle suits me best so long as there are limits, I absolutely hate god modders, but I do love world of darkness. I've played a werewolf character for years even had one character that lived to actually become legendary before she was killed. Miss her but, it's all about having fun as you already rightly said. Playing one character for that long tends to become stale after a while, once they become that powerful there really isn't much of a challenge anymore, I was kind of glad she died. I also played a fairly convincing nun at one point. She was a healer/fighter type. Holy paladiinish though the class was called simply cleric in that game. I played her for several years before she too bit the big one. Good times, good times. Lately I've played mainly MMOs like world of warcraft. I had several level 80s there, absolutely refused to play once the last expansion came out though. Invasion of the cute kung fu pandas...Horde is NOT cute. Canon was already scrambled by the previous expansion anyway, after that I just lost interest entirely and came back to Gaia.

You'd Love Me...
Lady Jeza Report | 04/10/2013 5:08 pm
Lady Jeza
If You Knew Me..

Oooo looong story there. It began as a freestyle spontaneous rp on a message board between me and a few friends, just hanging out and playing around. At the time I was managing a group of role players involved in a small RP I had started a few months prior that was winding down to it's finale. The two groups started playing on the message board and they started making suggestions I start my own rp community, so I did. It was mixed genre set in a world I created with it's own history and mechanics based loosely on things most role players would recognize with a few unique details to make it all work together in a more realistic way. The story eventually ended when a few characters did some really stupid things without thinking ahead and basically painted everyone else into a corner that was a dead end. So, poof, no more rp and I didn't begin a new one afterward. I still get requests from them to start a new storyline from time to time but I'm just not anxious to be a storyteller anymore, not on that scale. It was a nightmare lol What about you? What sorts of rps have you done? What are some of your favorites if I may ask?

You'd Love Me...
Lady Jeza Report | 04/10/2013 4:04 pm
Lady Jeza
If You Knew Me..

I understand all too well. I think my big burnout came when I was running an rp community and spent most of my time settling petty disputes and generally feeling like I was trying to either herd cats or potty train a tribe of uncivilized three year olds. As for my rp status these days, I still indulge from time to time, if something piques my interest. I haven't found anyone lately who are serious at all, most just want to sit around and tea party which is fine I guess, so long as it's at least an interesting tea party.

You'd Love Me...
Lady Jeza Report | 04/10/2013 3:20 pm
Lady Jeza
If You Knew Me..

Of course, you're welcome. Yes, I've been role playing for years. I played mainly world of darkness which is fantasy horror in a modern setting. I've also played a variety of other genre, mainly it depends on who I play with, it doesn't matter what the 'world' is so long as the people you play with have good imaginations and decent writing skills. What about you?

You'd Love Me...



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